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Lord Of War 1 Disc no DTS???

Forums - Discs & Movies - Lord Of War 1 Disc no DTS??? 

21st January 2006 13:36  #31

Intergalactic Ponce Member Join Date: April 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1,164
I only have a relatively cheap surround set up (a £200 Yamaha decoder/amp, 5 small satellite speakers and a sub) but even with this I can still discern a difference between DD and DTS. But again it depends on the film. I agree with the volume issue though. A film I would play on level 4 in DD, I'd have to lower down to 3 for DTS, just for the sake of comfort, but the DTS tracks usually do reveal a extra level of subtle detail in a soundtrack that can get lost with DD. And when I say that, I'm not a DD hater, there is nothing wrong with DD. If that's the only sound format we had then it would hardly be cause for complaint would it? No one could say that Episode 3 (for example) was flat and compressed rendering the whole film unwatchable. It could be (and has been) argued that it is unwatchable for a whole host of other reason, but it's DD track wouldn't be one of them.

Is there a point looming. With me, probably not. The only thing I would say is 'enjoy the film and stop obsessing about the compression of the soundtrack'. If a film is good, then it would still be good in Stereo (or even Mono).

Enjoy film. Enjoy life.


21st January 2006 13:54  #32

Mark Lim Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Australia Posts: 1,211
I now understand with all of you and agree that DTS is only louder, but what about the Bass??? How come the sound, particularly the Bass is better on DTS when that bus blew up in "Speed", or when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in "Pearl Harbor"?? This is why I LOVE those good action movies on DVD that contain DTS - The Peacemaker, Die Hard 2, Charlie's Angels, Air Force One, etc.

21st January 2006 14:19  #33

Intergalactic Ponce Member Join Date: April 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1,164
They just apply more bass to the .1 I'm guessing. You could probably approximate the effect in DD just by upping your sub level. Don't forget also that a films soundtrack is down mixed to 6 channels. There is no DTS mix, as it were, that makes the film sound better. It's just that DD loses some of the detail during it's compression. DD still uses to same 6 channel mix that DTS used.
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