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Matrix Trilogy Boxset UK R2

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Yeah I kind of assumed the Ultimate set contains the cut version. I just wasn't sure about the re-packaged Trilogy that came out afterwards. The timing of the cuts being waived seemed to come after this set came out, I was just wondering if there was anyone who'd bought that 'triology' set could confirm it.
What is cut is not in dispute, I think he's asking if the boxed sets got the cut version or the uncut version. Obviously as it was released before the new certification it will be cut. Most annoying since it has been shown uncut on TV a number of times. I bought the R1 set though, so not a problem.
I think the UK cuts are headbutts during fight scenes. The BBFC's site says a total of ten seconds has been cut in order to get the 15cert.
I would be p**sed if they 'd release another "Ultimate" collection because I already bought the one with the NEO little statue inside.. which presently is the ultimate collection
I'm just giving my post a nudge back to the top as Stanton is really going for it today and I'd really be interested if anyone has any info on my above query.
Matrix Trilogy Boxset UK R2
I've read recently that in 2006, the BBFC have waived all cuts to The Matrix (1999). Logic would say that the huge box sets released in 2005 and the re-packaged 'just the films' set earlier this year, are both cut. Can anyone confirm this as I've been holding off buying until we (in the UK) have an uncut 1st film.

I already have the R1 uncut Matrix (which I'm quite happy with) but this waiving of existing cuts after an 'ultimate' box set release seems very un-sportsman-like of Warner's unless they are looking at having the film clear of cuts for the obligatory HD release.