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Miami Vice Movie

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I will pass.  I did not like the TV show.
Nah, they we're going for a hard "R" rating when the movie was being written. It'll have very much a similar tone to Heat.
Jonathan Bennett wrote: Miami Vice just got an R-rating a few days ago. This is officially gonna be awesome. I was very surprised, I thought it was going to have a PG-13 rating.
Miami Vice just got an R-rating a few days ago. This is officially gonna be awesome.
i personally find the colateral type filming annoying but none the less it should be good. when I first saw the trailer I thought it was some kind of colateral sequel because colin ferral looks much like tom cruise.
Can we expect to have cameos from Johnson, Thomas, Olmos?  If so, I hope it is less painful than Starsky and Hutche's.  I don't think I ever saw one full episode of the 5 years it ran.  
If they use the Miami Vice name, I just hope it is a Miami Vice Movie, and not just another 'buddy cop movie' with the title attatched for the fans who want this.  I'll see it, 'cause I like all involved, but not necessarily to get any Crockett and Tubbs fix.
I'm not a fan of Colin Farrell but love Michael Mann.
I never watched the TV show so I will pass on this.
Gabe Powers wrote: I didn't like HeatYou scare me Gabe Shocked
If you cant stand Heat.
Get out of the video store    Happy
Mumbling Gabe?
I didn't like Heat
Aaah.....There Stuart summed it up for me.  I'm sure I will see it.  I am quite confident it will be a good movie and that Michael Mann knows what he is doing.  I do think I will feel ripped off that it is named Miami Vice.  That is just me though.
As a film this looks cool.
As a Miami Vice film it looks awful.
The show was firmly placed in the 80s because of the cars, clothes and music for the most part, but Miami Vice had a certain style about how it was shot and edited. Updating the cosmetics of the show while retaining what made it specifically unique is what is important here, and I trust that Mann wouldn't have just gone and made your standard cop movie and slapped the name of his first big hit on it for name recognition. Like I said, it's way too early to tell, but I suspect that he will use everything that made the original show what it was, just transplanted twenty years later and without the pastel suits and Phil Collins. The only thing that concerns me at this point is the casting of Castillo, because the actor that plays the role is nothing like Olmos, who I think would have still made an excellent choice to reprise the role twenty years later.
Matt, I agree the subject matter isn't stuck in the 80s; however, the show was firmly placed in the 80s.  I saw the trailer when I saw King Kong and my gut feeling was this is NOT Miami Vice.  Sure, they could have made a movie about crime in Miami, but why use the Miami Vice name if it is nothing like the show it came from?
The Hi Def trailer is available for download in WMV 720p on the official site.

Much better then Flash. Wink

Anyone else notice that the movie logo has changed?
Michael Mann is a top-notch director (IMO only one bad movie Ali).  It's got the feel of Collateral to the teaser.  I'm there on opening day without a doubt.
looks's the trailer
The main storyline behind Miami Vice is still relevant, and this would only be fifteen years too late if it was going to star Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, though Edward James Olmos would probably still look like he would rather kick you in the teeth than speak to you if he were to co-star. From the teaser, the movie looks good so far, but it's too early to tell. I'll bet a large sum of money though that since this is Michael Mann it'll be a good one.
I have a bad feeling about this one.  I like Mann, but this is about 15 years too late.
it looks kinda like Collateral and Heat- wchich means it looks sweet and cool Happy I love Mann movies..can't wait for it
It looks really good so far. Like to see the theatrical trailer soon.
Miami Vice Movie
I saw the trailer for this at Kong and I was wondering if you guys had any info.