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Miami Vice Trailer

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Jonny "Me You" wrote: Miami Vice c**p? Shocked

I dunno what TV show you guys saw, but every episode of Miami Vice was more or less the movie Heat.

Lol dude I didnt say the show was c**p I havent seen the original stuff myself, but ive been hearing a lot of c**p against the movie BECAUSE of the tv series...hadnt realised the trailer had been out for so long but I honestly cannot wait for this
u can almost feel this magic Michael Mann climat in the trailer....can't wait Happy
Miami Vice c**p? Shocked

I dunno what TV show you guys saw, but every episode of Miami Vice was more or less the movie Heat. Top notch stuff, especially for the time. Heck, Rockstar Games based an entire Grand Theft Auto on it.

As for the trailer, it's old and came out a long time ago. Unless what you saw was the theatrical trailer and not the teaser, which has been available for months in HD at the official site. I hope the movie is as good as the show and as good as Heat, which was essiential Miami Vice in LA. I can't wait for it Very Happy
Yea ive been hearing a lot of c**p against Miami Vice, and it all stems from the original show and the early verdict so far says that its got little or no resemblence to the original show itself... so I dont know about people worrying about the quality of the just askin people to look at the trailer and make a judgement themselves cos it looks da shiznit to me in all honesty...i love how he directs films the attention of detail he provides which gives me an idea for a new thread wait right here...
the show was c**p so I don't know
Miami Vice Trailer
Has anyone seen this trailer?! I saw it yesterday when I watched MI:3, which is an awesome movie in my opinion, loved the way it was done with the storyline, except that part where it ended, didnt like the ending a helluva lot, but if I watch it again I'm sure ill understand why it ended the way it did...


THE Trailer to Miami Vice looks sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL, so frickin RAW, much like Michael Mann had done in Collateral the rawness you could feel on the screen...anyone know what I'm talkin about I cant explain it...i know its only a trailer and the stories about the production of MV arent so great especially with all the expense and yadda yadda but if this trailer is anything to go by DAYUM!!!

go to the apple site and watch the trailer in large!

P.S I love the music to the you can guess I'm a huge Michael Mann Fann and I love how he gets the right music in his films...such as 'shadow on the sun' in the cab scene in Collateral?...perfect damn timing