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Miramax, Dimension, and The Wienstein Co.

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The only titles that I know are with the Weinstein Company on the Dimension list on IMDB are Wolf Creek, Sin City 2, and Scary Movie 4.  For these movies, Dimension is just listed as a Distributor.  That could mean that TWC is the Production company and they are paying Dimension to distribute it.

Like I said, I really don't know for sure, but that would be my guess.

Aah, read this link
Disney gets the Dimension library, but the Weinsteins get the future use of the Dimension shingle.
Hell & Back was actually one of the graphic novels in the SC series. I\'m guessing they wont be small stories in one movie anymore but full graphic novels in one movie
Actually, I think that Dimension may have gone with the Weisteins. I don't know why but if you look at their IMDb page there's a lot of films on that list that I would assume the Weinsteins are head of. That's just what I think.

Also, the list also says the name of the 3rd Sin City is Sin City 3: Hell & Back. Kinda a cool name IMO. And this is off topic w/ the Sin City thing as well, apparently Frank Miller wants FIVE Sin City films. Not like I have a problem with that, you just usually don't get a series of 5 films. Read the article @ Bloody-Disgusting here.
I would assume since Dimension was originally a subsidiary of Mirimax (specializing in horror) that it remains with Disney.  I don't know for sure, but I can't imagine anything else would have happened.
Thanks, Adrian, that helps. But what about Dimension? Still under Disney/Miramax or TWC?
The Weinsteins started Mirimax as an independent production house.  Then Disney bought them.  Recently, the decided not to renew the contracts of the Weinstein brothers to run Mirimax.  The Weinsteins left and started their own company.  Disney still owns Mirimax and Mirimax well continue to release adult oriented programming that is too risque to release under the Disney banner.
rob murray wrote: I thought Miramax released Sin City most recentlyYeah, Miramax and Dimension did. They still exist too.
I thought Miramax released Sin City most recently
Miramax, Dimension, and The Wienstein Co.
OK, this whole thing confuses me a little. I understand that the Walt Disney Co. owned Miramax, which owned Dimension (which were both owned by the Weinsteins). And then they parted ways for whatever reason, and the Weinsteins opened TWC. I figured Miramax and Dimension were now "extinct" and they split the remaining movies between the two companies (with the Disney ones being released under one of the million Disney banners and the Weinstein ones under TWC banner). However, I'm still seeing movies with the Dimension and Miramax logos on them (ie SCARY MOVIE 4)...why is this? DO they still exist? I'm confused, if someone could explain it to me that'd be great. Confused