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Miramax/Dimension DVD Releases

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El Cid who knows.  Maybe they are doing a restoring job on it
How long will I have to wait for the new Miriam collection to release El Cid? There is not even a web site up and running yet!
Like I said, buddy.  The Weinsteins are c**ppy.

BankytheHack wrote: [quote=Franchise wrote]They also have an exclusive deal with Blockbuster to only rent their movies through them.  The Weinsteins are c**ppy.

Its only the New Weinstein Company that has an exculsive deal with BlockBuster.  Miramax is owned by Mickey Mouse and the mouse doesn't have an exculsive at Blockbuster
They are the worst!!!!! I have been waiting for the Weinstein Company to produce an se of El Cid for a looonnnggg time! There is not even a vanilla of this film on region 1! They also own the rights to The Fall Of The Roman Empire and guess what no R1 release either! The r2 versions of these two films are f***ing c**p as well! I wrote to them and zip, nadda no reply! Don't get me started on Kill Bill! Unbelievable!
I think they're finally going to get off their duffs and release it though.  I've been told that they're looking for the movie, but haven't found it.  I say oh well since I've got a great looking version of it, but when it comes officially, I should be the first in line.
Franchise wrote: They also have an exclusive deal with Blockbuster to only rent their movies through them.  The Weinsteins are c**ppy.

Can't say I'm not surprised. I honestly think the folks over there are completely moronic. Case in point: the Alternate Cut of "Halloween 6" has been floating around for over 10 years now. Instead of making the wise business decision and putting that disc out they've simply allowed bootleggers to make money off of something Dimension could've profited on for years.
yeah and they're holding of on the Kill Bill SE and the Faculty Special edition,Four Rooms SE,from dusk till dawn needs a boxset or someting that movie rules all vamp filcks.the trainspotting and clerks dvds are very nice tooo.
They also have an exclusive deal with Blockbuster to only rent their movies through them.  The Weinsteins are c**ppy.
Miramax/Dimension DVD Releases
Just wondering if anyone out there is as frustrated with Miramax/Dimension Home Video? They seem to be the worst studio when it comes to re-releasing titles with anamorphic transfers. Many of their most popular titles (Scream, From Dusk Till Dawn, Halloween:H20, Good Will Hunting) were all released on DVD, but that was 7 or 8 years ago, and all of those titles have non-anamorphic transfers. The studio has re-released a few titles with new transfers, but you can't tell me that there was more of a demand for "Copland" than there was for "Scream" or "From Dusk Till Dawn".

Maybe many DVD buyers don't care about anamorphic transfers, but the way I see it with sales of 16:9 tvs increasing every year, wouldn't it make sense for the studio to put out the absolute best product?