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Moon (Jones, 2009) is bloody excellent!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Moon (Jones, 2009) is bloody excellent! 


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Got the UK BD a couple of days ago and watched it yesterday. Absolutely brilliant film that should be essential Christmas gift shopping for everyone who knows someone that is into sci-fi movies. I'm gonna go watch it with one of the commentary tracks on now...

I read Sony won't send out screeners of this to Academy members, which has angered a lot of fans. There's even a petition to get Sam Rockwell a well deserved Oscar nomination.
Moon (Jones, 2009) is bloody excellent!
I too love Moon, as you can see in my signature on here hehe. Great little slice of low-fi cinema. Quite amazing what they did with a 5 million dollar budget. Rockwell deserves and Oscar nomination and I hope he is not forgotten at awards season.

I'll use spoiler tags for my plot babbling as well...
Spoiler My first thought was that the clone thing was not very original, but this ended up being a very fresh take on it. The reason it worked so well, I think, is because Sam Bell was such a likable guy. You felt just as heartbroken as him when you found out that he was a clone, or when he calls his home on earth.

Highly recommend it. And also "A Serious Man" from the Coen brothers.
Moon (Jones, 2009) is bloody excellent!
I was completely blown away by this, and loved it so much more than I expected. Sam Rockwell was marvelous in this, an unique and solid performance. He pretty much carried the whole film by himself. This guy is seriously underrated.

As for the film itself, this is an exceptional directorial debut from Duncan Jones. The tone of the film is really different from what they showed in the trailer and I was really glad that despite their decisions to go with the idea of Spoiler cloning, they didn't went into the cliche and kept the authentic approach well

I really hope people go see this film, if you have a chance. It's an instant classic, I believe this is one of those film that doesn't get much attention at first, but give it 10-20 years this will be a classic. And I can't say that about most of the film being released lately.

I'm off to see An Education next week, really can't wait for that. Fall is always my favorite movie season.

So, feel free to discuss anything about Moon or anything about anything for that matter.