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Most $ Ever spent on DVD?

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"Almost Famous: The Bootleg Cut" cost me $80 something.  

"The Twilight Zone Definitive Collection" cost me around $115 on Amazon.

Well worth the money if you ask me.
I just searched though my old email receipts and ws suprized to find that I spent frickin' 125 bucks for Six Feet Under Complete Series..I could have sworn I came out better than that back in 2007 (around 99 bucks, I thought) but the Best Buy email doesn't lie.

Oh, well...

The biggest single movie purchase was the Korean 3- disk Ultimate Edition of Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) on ebay...40 bucks
Only around £50 when I ordered 3 or 4 titles from the US. At the moment, I tend to rent rather than buy. At least, until the recession is over.
Single movie - $45 for Criterion The Last Emperor when it first came out

Overall, I spent $100 bucks on the complete series of 'The Wire'. Great price if you ask me.

I'm bound to fork over $200+ soon for the complete Sopranos, but I'm waiting to see if that price moves.
180 bucks on the Twilight Zone complete set, worth every penny in my opinion.
Mine has to be the 200 bucks I spent when the "Sex and thr City:Complete Series" set came out
I paid $70 for the Ultimate Superman Collection when it was released in 2006.

However, I think I may have paid slightly more for the Godfather trilogy when it came out in 2001.  Don't remember for sure.

As for a single disc, I'm not sure; though "The Prince of Egypt" was rather pricey when I got it.
Would be the Alien head set and the Predator head set. It was a lot all together, though I can't exactly remember how much I spent...probably better for my sanity that way. Managed to get the Complete Matrix set with the Reeves bust for $20 at Amazon one day though, so that was kinda nice. Knowing my own silly self I will probably get the new T2 bust as well Happy
£140 for the 20th anniversary alien head set.
Not that much really, probably around $30 - $50..
$200 for the Box Set of all seasons of "Sex and the CIty"
th most in a day..probably $50 at a awesome store called Rasputin! (25 movies) lol single dvd hmm i dont remember actually
About $130 for the Planet of the Apes set in the Cornelius bust

About $170 for the Real Ghostbusters complete series in replica Firehouse

Think those are my highest 2
I got the I Robot Sonny head for about £80 including P&P I think.

I opened the box, didn't really like it, and sold it 5 days later for £95 + P&P.
ive definitely spent a s**teload on some boxsets and seasons, but as far as how much ive spent for a single disc; Stella Shorts dvd. $85 + shipping. worth every dildo-loving penny
I used to sell dvds online and regulraly and could sell the 2 disc fight club for this price.  Untill they released a single disk .
Seinfeld: The Complete Series was about $250
TheSkipper wrote: I spent about $180 to $190 dollars on the complete series of Red Dwarf, and that was on ebay.I bet it was well worth it too...
Red Dwarf rocks!

The most I've spent (being the n00b here) is ~$50 for the Star Wars Trilogy 4-Disc Boxset when it first came out...
I spent around $300 on the original 11 title Oliver Stone box set, while my first DVD player was about $600.

Thankfully, I haven't had to buy much since then and the Blu Ray player I just got was $299, half of what I paid for my first DVD.
I spent about $180 to $190 dollars on the complete series of Red Dwarf, and that was on ebay.
$950 for the Godzilla Final Box set.
US$310 Spider-Man Wooden Box R2 France
Worst Nightmare wrote: $ 100 AUD for my Cylon head Battlestar Galactica complete series.

$1100 AUD for my first DVD player in I think 1997 - and that was cost price from a retailer friend

And people complain about the price of Blu-Ray.
$ 100 AUD for my Cylon head Battlestar Galactica complete series.

$1100 AUD for my first DVD player in I think 1997 - and that was cost price from a retailer friend
The most I spent was $70 for the ultimate superman set. The next most expensive were the Lost seasons at about $40 each. All totally worth every penny.
$200 on the original F*R*I*E*N*D*S 'The One with All Ten Seasons' limited edition boxset from 2005.  Best 200 bucks I ever spent though!
Most I paid for a single DVD was Anchor Bay's Halloween Limited Edition 20th Anniversary two-disc set. I paid around $60 on eBay for that one a year after it went out of print.

Most for a boxed set would probably be the eight-disc Universal Classic Monsters set from 2000--believe I paid right around $125 for that one.
I told a lie actually. I forgot that back in the early days of DVD I paid £60 for the eight-disc Nightmare on Elm Street Collection. Had to pay a bit more to avoid the import duty, but it was still cheap considering what was in the box and how relatively expensive DVDs were back then.
Last year I purchased the complete Man from UNCLE and the complete Get Smart. Those set me back $200-$300 each
Those Criterions discs are not cheap but it's the only time i fork out for the more expensive discs. The HD-DVD version of Star Trek original series would make a nice present because the asking price for that is effing vertical.
Indavidual DVD would have been £60..whats that about $120? on Mickey Mouse in Living colour - vol.1 (Disney Treasure tin)

Most I've spent on a series would be Star Trek, my final set arrived the other day. I think the RRP value is around 5 grand but I haven't paid that much out.

I was gonna say, I've never spent $ on DVDs Tongue

Mine's not that high really, probably £30-£40, which I think was for the first release of the Alien Legacy back in the day. Pretty much every other major boxed set has been a present (Star Wars trilogy, Ultimate Matrix, Indy trilogy, Ultimate Superman, Alien Quad) and some of the lesser ones I got for less than £15 in sales (the most recent Back to the Future and Jurassic Park sets). Not a big collector of fancy packaging or TV series.

If you added up all the money I've spent on individual releases of Star Wars and the Matrix films it'd be a bit. Also Park Chan-wook's films, with multiple versions of each and such. I don't do that any more though; I'm a lot more selective and careful with my money. Even my OOP editions of the original Korean Oldboy DVD and the uncut Dutch Ichi the Killer were fairly cheap.
Most $ Ever spent on DVD?
I want to know what the most cash you guys have ever spent on a dvd purchase.

I spent about 300 bucks on the complete series of the X-Files! WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY!!!!!