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Most exclusive box sets

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thanks for the responces, that planet of the apes is awsome! and that fly box set is a defenate for me!

i have the bruce lee 5 disk collectors edition, it is in a silver book  like case, it is the best box set I own, I have all three collectors editions of lotr as well with the statues  
stanton heck wrote: I would love "The Godfather " epic the one that plays that plays the movie in order!

I once felt that that was the best way to view the "Godfather" films. I had that impressive set on VHS a few years ago. But what makes the "Godfather II" so powerful is the tapestry that Francis Coppola weaves to show the parallel rise to power of both Vito and Michael Corleone. I think chopping it up and putting it in order takes away a great deal of emotional impact.
I would love "The Godfather " epic the one that plays that plays the movie in order!
All I want in a boxset is a hard cardboard slip cover and individual digi-paks or keep cases nestled neatly inside. I don't want my DVDs housed inside a monkee, robot or any other kind of head. And I certainly don't want over-lapping discs or a package design that unfolds to a length longer than my coffee table.
One box set that I had to hunt for during the first week of it's release, and one that I believe still does well on the secondary market, was the Universal Monsters Dracula/Frankenstein/Wolf Man box set with the Sideshow Toys busts of the three monsters.

I want that but i'm not really bothered but it would be nice to own
Not sure if any one has posted this, but this is one of the best boxed sets I have ever seen.

Planet of the Apes:
for me......:
-James Bond 007 metal box set
-Band Of Brother Metal Box..

both great
Friends: The One With All Ten Seasons

The Ultimate Matrix Collection

Alien Quadrilogy

The Godfather: DVD Collection

Lord of the Rings: Gift Set All 3

2046: Limited Taiwan or Korean Version

Woody Allen Collection - R2

Star Wats Trilogy

Polar Express Gift Set

Schindler's List Gift Set

and many more........................

Most exclusive box sets
What are the most saught after box sets out there?

i know about the kill bill region 3 ones but which are very saught after, what extras do you get and why are they so saught after?

i like the house of flying daggers wooden box set as well, that is cool, but what others are they out there?

i guess what I am asking people is for a top 5 exclusive box sets that have cool goodies with them and are well worth the cash.

ohh and I just remembered the i.robot sonny head is cool as well.

any others?