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Movie buffs...are we snobs?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Movie buffs...are we snobs? 


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RE : Movie buffs...are we snobs?
opoll602 wrote: I am also movie buffs ,but i also seen very funny movies and many classic movie.

Hey, you have nice collection might be $7,000 or more. So, you have big library of movie buffs. Anyway control you enjoyment. And please thank full to your wife, because she analyze you in this matter.

im not sure what subtitle i just happened upon, but it sounds lovely
RE : Movie buffs...are we snobs?
I am also movie buffs ,but i also seen very funny movies and many classic movie.

Hey, you have nice collection might be $7,000 or more. So, you have big library of movie buffs. Anyway control you enjoyment. And please thank full to your wife, because she analyze you in this matter.
im gonna say yes. we are all pretty damn snobby.
i'm a movie buff (although I haven't really seen many classics) and I don't think I'm a snob. I don't think any moviebuff is a snob. But like Sam said the critics are snobs!
I don't consider myself snob (although that may not be a very unbiased opinion, since I would more than likely be called a snob by a non-snob)

Yes, I see limited releases and whatnots, but I also see the mainstream stuff. It's the people who hate on a movie just because it's "cool" or because it's the general consensus (look at the Zohan news item here, some people say that they haven't seen it but it's something akin to the plague... For the record, I saw it, and I enjoyed it. Sue me.)

Like, of all the movies I saw this year, I would say that Wanted and Prince Caspian were the worst. I enjoyed Lion/Witch/Wardrobe, but I thought this one was dull. Speed Racer, which was pretty much panned by critics all around, I thought was ok. Not the greatest movie in the world, but not the worst.

Also, the people who I consider snobs are the ones who see the "popular" movies. Like, "Oh yes, Truffaut is GOD! 400 Blows is brilliant!" and then you mention "Love on the Run" or "Small Change", and they look at you like you were talking in (ironically) a foreign language, completely dumbfounded and confused at these strange new titles.

Anyways, the point to my random, unorganizized post is, it's pretty much impossible to see every single movie in existence. The medium is 113 years old, it'd be like reading every single book ever written (I realise, more books,less movies, books have been widely available for centuries, etc.)

So basically, no buff has seen every single movie ever made for one reason or another, there are some more important ones that are "essential", but that's debatable. One could say Star Wars [IV] is more essential viewing than say, 2001, whereas another could say the opposite.

If I veered a bit off topic, I apologise, but I hope this helps. Lemme know in case I misunderstood something so that I can add or explain more or something. Happy

And I agree with Jonny. It's not the size, it's how you use it that counts.
Having a lot of movies doesn't make you a buff. Knowing what makes a great film and having seen them and having knowledge and enthusiasm for the art of entertainment, that makes a movie buff.
:-D  Mr. Spade I have indeed seen many great Hitchcock films (Vertigo is my favorite), LOVED Kurosawa's Rashomon, and believe it or not, I actually enjoyed Leone's Once Upon a Time in America!  Waiting on a copy of A Fistful of Dollars from my library.
I'd slap you silly!

But seriously, snobs? If anyone is a snob in the movie industry it's the critics. Sometimes they are just so busy diving into a movie to find what they hate about it, that they never can enjoy the experience.

$7000 on dvds and you have never seen T2? Tell me you have at least seen a Hitchcock or Leone or Kurosawa film.
Movie buffs...are we snobs?
I realize the title alone may be potentially treading on water, but seriously.  I ask you fans of movies, are we in fact snobs?  I mean I myself own close to 400 DVDs right now but I still have many great classic and contemporary films to watch.  Only last January did I actually watch all three original Star Wars movies for the first time, back to back with minimal breaks between them.

I always called myself a Movie Buff but up until the time I watched all three original Star Wars movies, I had my friends saying to me, "You're no movie buff, you haven't even seen Star Wars!!!"  Now, I just recently watched The Terminator for the first time and I have T2 coming to me soon courtesy of Netflix.  Even that was grounds for people saying, "You've only seen Star Wars and you never saw Terminator?!  What kind of movie buff are you?!"

Truth be told, I have actually received punches and or slaps from people when I've told them what movies I haven't seen.  Some guy actually punched me in the stomach when he heard I had never seen Citizen Kane OR Apocalypse Now.  Subsequently I did see both and enjoyed them.

This site.  I love it.  It is a great informative site where I have read the thoughts of others when it comes to new releases and technology.  But there always seems to be slight animosity towards them.  For instance, there's always someone that says how much they HATE the cover art used for an otherwise great movie or somebody upset over the fact that a Blu-Ray release doesn't contain a certain audio mix.

I personally don't consider myself a snob, but more of a movie lover/slightly geeky type.  I love to quote movies and some I can do from beginning to end.  I've actually explained to people who were shopping at a Best Buy or FYE what the difference between Widescreen and Full Frame is along with Dolby Surround Sound and DTS.

So, honestly I just would like to know, as this could very well bring some interesting replies and as a movie buff (I'll still call myself one regardless of what my friends have said!) I think it's something I may even write about in my blog if given the opportunity to hear from others about the subject.