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Movie only No  Extras for less money

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Well back to topic:  If I had a choice of buying movie only editions for $9-10 I think I would for lots of movies.  However something like that new Blade Runner Cut I wouldbuy that set.  
No downloading is no good! The technology is not there at the moment! I would rather sit in my nice comfortable sofa watching my dvds on my plasma than sit for hours watching downloads on my inferior computer screen getting a bad back and watery eyes! The special features is one of the major reasons to buy dvds! special editions are getting cheaper and most films are out already as vanilla's! In the UK the studios seem to be releasing two versions of new titles anyway! At least they are not releasing titles were the film is on both sides of the disc - the flipper as in the old days! it has nothing to do with their schedual. It's a personal preference thing....Why not say that in the first place!
because he hates widescreen he doesn't so she caves inn most of the time and gets FULLSCREEN
Obviously. But why should that dictate which ratio they watch?
They work 2 different schedules they can never watch TV at the same time.  
Not wanting to nitpick or anything....but what does having different work scheduals have to do your lady friend watching the widescreen (yay) and her fella watching the foolscreen? Aren't you yanks allowed to pick which ratio to watch a movie in yourselves or is there law in the States that dictates thou who workth at different times to thyne lady musth watchth foolscreen DVDs?

Sorry, it just tickeled me is all Happy
Well Warner Brothers soon is going to release novies on dvd and pay per view on the same day.  Which means people that only wanted a movie only will skip buying the dvd and just record it off the ppv
I was going to say that Matt why not just go into you're dvd menu and select Pan & scan. Anyway sooner or later there won't be 4:3 TVs then pan & scan dvd owners will be disappointed!
Movie only No Extras for less money
stanton heck wrote: "Woudn't it be nice if the studios were to go back to that both widesceen and full frame on one disc".
There's still quie a few movies released this way, but the reason you aren't seeing as many, such as when Warner used to do this, is because the technology has moved past the need for them. If your friend still wants pan & scan movies, virtually any DVD player that you pick up off the shelf at Wal Mart has a zoom feature to remove the letterboxing. Yes, I know that's not exactly the same thing since you lose the artifical camera movement, but anyone that would rather watch a P&S version of a film has no right to complain about video quality either.
Movie only No Extras for less money
stanton heck wrote:  "Movie Only Editions" could be $10-$15 and Special 2-DVD sets could sell for $20-25.  

It sounded good to me what do you guys think

It would never fly.  Most people are used to being able to pick up 2-disc special editions day of the release for $15 and under.

Also, this would be a retailer's nightmare.  They already have problems stocking DVDs due to the sheer number of them.  Now you are going to have 2 versions of every DVD available.
This goes on to a certain extent anyway with the 1 and 2 disc releases we get all the time: Superman Returns, Poseidon, etc...  The only problem is that the difference in prices isn't that much, usually only £2-3 in the UK.

As for full frame, I suspect it's a declining niche market now and the studios are probably going to wind down pan & scan activity rather than increase it.  I can't imagine there will be any full frame HD-DVD or Blu-ray releases since all new HD TVs are widescreen.  When DVD first came out people had mainly 4:3 TVs but now the market has changed and it appears that only the major releases get released in full frame.
I agree totally.

Make a movie only edition, bare bones for that market, and also release the filled to the brim, uber, all extra, ultra, special edition for the movie geeks out there (and you all know who you are).

Personally, I would probably buy all the ones with the extras and all that, but on occasion, but there are some movies that I don't need the extras for.  I'd like to see the bare bones version have Widescreen and Pan-Scan versions only.  I buy the Widescreen, but the running joke amungst a lot of family is that they dont want to borrow my DVDs because of the letterbox format.

A lot of DVDs are very basic, and the bigger version has all the goodies, like King Kong, V for Vendetta just to name a few.
I agree somewhat. If there must be pan and scan releases then at least bundle them with the initial release - I don't even see a need for double sided discs. Environmentally speaking it seems wasteful to have a separate edition.

Releasing a basic and collectable edition at the same time though, would be financially problematic because staggering the releases of different editions (i.e. so-called double dipping) provides more consistent cash flow for the distributors.
Movie only No Extras for less money
A friend of mine pointed this out to me.  She said that when DVD's first came out They were both Full Frame and Widescreen. (This was a fact in Most Warner Brothers Releases)  She said it was great she would watch the movie in Widescreen and her husband would watch the Full Frame (They have different work schedules) Anyway she said now she says "Now  new releases you must pick what you want Full Frame or Widescreen.  So she doesn't bother anymore!  However she brought up a good point she said "Woudn't it be nice if the studios were to go back to that both widesceen and full frame on one disc". They could charge less and sell more !  "If people want those fancy 2 DVD sets with all the stuff then they should be released at the same time".  "Movie Only Editions" could be $10-$15 and Special 2-DVD sets could sell for $20-25.  

It sounded good to me what do you guys think