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movies you have grown to love

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the exocist
i have to say that for me it would be "Mr & Mrs SMith"
First when i saw it, i was realy disappointed..i love Jolie, i like Pit- but my first feeling was that it lacks something...
and then, every next time i watch it i like it realy good fun film...and now i'm goin to get Definitive Edition soon Happy
i had totally forgotten about "ghosts of mars."  when i first saw it...i thought that movie was so horrifically bad...and now...i love it.  i laugh all the way through.  i mean...the main bad guy...must've been some old school thespian/english/world literature teacher.  when he yells...he actually yells..."aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh....
ggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."  i could only hope that if there is an extended/deluxe edition...that there'd be a bathroom seen where the guy yells....
Napoleon Dynamite. I thought it was average my first time seeing it and now it emerged as one of my top 10 favorite films with multiple viewings. Go figure.
When I first watched "The Matador" I HATED it but gave it a second chance now its one of my FAVS!!!!
You know I didn't like Star Wars Episode IV when I first saw it in 1977.  I saw it again in 1978.  This time I was hooked. Been a fan since!  
Napoleon Dynamite for me.  I have heard from many people including myself, it was not great at the first viewing, and after another viewings, or maybe taking an opportunity to watch it with someone else during their first time made it grow on people.
Just saw Running Scared (Walker) last night, and very much enjoyed it. It was a little too long, but still a fun time, and very well made.
First time I saw Lady in the Water I was so lost I did't know if I liked it or hated it, so I watched it again and loved it.
silenzio wrote: Running Scared - first time around thought it was a mess, second time one of the best films of last year!

the billy crystal film from the 80's or the paul walker film from last year.  if it's the paul walker film...i hated that one too...i may have to give it another chance...
Batman.....hated it when I saw in a theater.  May have been because there was a 3 year old next to me with action figures that would yell Batman or Joker every time either appeared on screen.
Running Scared - first time around thought it was a mess, second time one of the best films of last year!
Hated Jurassic Park when I saw it first time, but I put it down to all the hype overloading me. Love the film now.

Hated Gladiator first time too, but I think this was due to seeing it on a fullscreen VHS version on a fairly poor tv.

Also really disliked Ethan Hawke's Hamlet. Not managed to get round to liking that one yet... lol
movies you have grown to love
this is movies that you didn't like the first time...but for whatever reason you gave a second chance and are now fond of...

i remember first watching dumb and dumber...and just hating it's a guilty pleasure...billy madison as well.  vice versa...i remember watching drumline and thinking it was the greatest movie ever...saw it a second time...and goodness...that movie sucked!!!  granted...i was very drunk when I first saw it.