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Movies your dreading for 06!

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floyd dylan wrote: I have something even better for you all to dread.

Metal Gear Solid: Uwe Boll confirmed to 1UP that he's currently reading a Metal Gear Solid script.

I'd love to see the pictures he has of Hollywood's power structure because I can't imagine any other way that he continues to get work.
I heard about that... Such a good videogame being made into a film by one of the worst directors today.
I have something even better for you all to dread.

Metal Gear Solid: Uwe Boll confirmed to 1UP that he's currently reading a Metal Gear Solid script.
Well, I checked IMDb, and it looks like McG doesn't have anything scheduled for 2006.  I might be okay for now.

I am kind of dreading V for Vendetta but only because I want it to be good.  I am a little bummed the Wachowskis only wrote and produced.  I would feel a little more assured (and excited) if they were at the helm.
I'm not dreading any movie, if the film looks s**te then I don't watch it, it's not you're being forced to watch these movies.
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: Oh god, I already dreaded Bloodrayne

What the heck was Sir Ben Kingsley thinking?  Didn't he know who Uwe Bolle was?
What I dread I wont see....easy
"Rocky" what ever number it is...
"Rambo"whatever number it is...
Oh god, I already dreaded Bloodrayne
Teaser trailer CG is usually unfinished. That and that bad CG can only ADD to the Final Destination experience. Honestly, I just don't let bad special effects get in my way of enjoying a film, so long as the film doesn't revolve entirely around them.

I'm dreading the release of X men 3, because I really want it to be good, but I'm seriously doubting its chances. At least it has a massive budget and will hopefully have some decent action, if not any heart.
Movies your dreading for 06!
Hello, lol I like to try and post original posts but I dont know if they were posted before because I just discovered there was a forum section a week ago aahaha! So anyways I was wondering what movies are everyone dreading for 2006. Heres what I'm not looking forward to:

Final Destination 3: whoa, sorry FD fans, I loved the first 2 & I was excited for this the whole rollercoaster thing sounded so awesume and Ryan Merriman is soo hot but the teaser was a real letdown! the really badly CGI rollercoaster was so disappointing!!

The Pink Panter: this doesnt need a remake, especially with steve martin!

Stay Alive: well lol I am a little excited for the trailer lol I mean Frankie Muniz in a horror movie LOL! ahah

Material Girls: Oh god, Hilary and Haley Duff! Enough Said! err hilary!!