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Munich Art Which one would you pic?

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Highres final artwork is on the front page.
I tried editing, but I didn't have permission.
The Digital Bits released final art for "Munich". It's #5 if memory serves. I am disappointed and I hope that the art is the original poster art for the double disc version. The pics I tried to repost are, I assume, no longer available because the official art is now released.
I liked #2 the best because it was most like the theatrical poster, which I thought was terrific.
ill pick the last one
#2 or #3.
5 for me
5 for me
I like #4 and #5.
No.2 is my favourite.
I prefer 3, 4 or 5 as well
Number 2. Best cover.
I was in Malta when they were filming this, however I wasn't fortunate enough to see anything.
i like different aspects of different ones. Like, for example, on #3 I like the box thing, but nothing else. On number 2, I like everything but the red bar, and I agree, it's a little too close in. On number 5, I like the way the title looks, and on number 1, I like the bar for the Oscar noms. So if they could just combine all'd look great, IMO! However, if I absolutly HAD to choose one of them, it'd probably be number 2, even though I don't really favor any of them.
I like 3 the best.
I like 3,4,5 the most
I havent heard anything.
I love first two covers..i would go with number1.
Any news when it would come out in R2 ???
Any of the top 3. Really, the 2nd one is what I had in mind, but when you see it like that, it's too close in, it should be exactly like the poster was. If not, then at least there are printers...
Munich Art Which one would you pic?
there is Munich Art. Which one would you pic? As for me ill pick Munich art #2!