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Munich wont have a DTS track!!!!!!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Munich wont have a DTS track!!!!!! 


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Not sure that's right. As I understand it the 6 channel (5.1) tracks that result from the mixing stage are used for both DD and DTS it's just that DTS up the levels to the surrounds slightly and DD tracks lose a bit of subtlety in the soundtrack because of their higher compression methods and lower bit rate. I don't think that there is a sound engineer working on the mix for Dolby, another for DTS and another for SDDS. It's the same 6 track mix that both DD and DTS have to work with. The difference between DD and DTS is just in how they are dealt with at the encoding stage that separates the two. But I am in agreement with Chris (and others) that it ain't worth losing sleep over. If a film is good, it will be good in mono or stereo. People harp on about DD as if it's total c**p when compared to DTS. You only notice the difference between the 2 formats if you spend time switching from one to the other. If you're doing that then your not really interested in the film at that point. You may as well be watching a sound demo disc.
It's because the DTS track is encoded from a  different source than the Dolby track, or so I've read.
Gabe Powers wrote: I finally, with my updated sound system, found a DVD where the DTS makes a difference! Anchorbay's release of Suspiria!
I would try the DTS versions of Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan if you can get a hold of them. Every single review I've read say that the DTS track is a lot better than DD for those two, but on average dvds, they say there's not much difference. I would try DTS Jurassic Park too, I always imangined that would be the best dvd to try out on a new sorround sound system.
I finally, with my updated sound system, found a DVD where the DTS makes a difference! Anchorbay's release of Suspiria!
just wait and see Happy
Times like this I wish I could tell the difference.
I'm going for a collectable two-disc digipak r1 for this title

although, very likely that HK or the Koreans or Japanese will do a Gift-Set of it...

shame it couldn't support a DTS due to the length of the movie, perhaps on hd-dvd or blu-ray, Munich will rocks even more!!

Love the film, as I've said before, with the right campaigning and a screening at a much earlier time, it would have won Best Picture hands down...
It's ot as cut and dry as 'DTS is the best'. Other things come into play.
erm because DTS is the best sound format (not by much, but its as close to cinema sound as you can get)
Ive never understood why people get so hung up on cover art though so we all have things that baffle us
With the length of the movie, I am not surprised that the disc cannot support both a DD5.1 and a DTS track.  I have no idea why people get so hung up on DTS.
Munich wont have a DTS track!!!!!!
Amazon only has Dolby Digital listed, and if you look closely on the disc, on DVDactive's Munich page, Theres no DTS logo. I really cant believe Universal.