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Name 3 best Bond movies.....???? :)

Forums - Discs & Movies - Name 3 best Bond movies.....???? :) 


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How about Favourite Bond Film one for each actor who has played him...???
Lasenby- OHMSS (the only 1 he did)
Connery- Goldfinger
Moore- The Spy who loved me
Dalton- None didn`t like him as bond
Brosnan- Goldeneye (his last 2 were s**t)
Sellers/Craig -Casino Royale (again the only one they done)
Intergalactic Ponce wrote: Is there anyone out there who this is not true for?

Ya - Moore was my virgin Bond, but prefer Connery.
From Russia with Love
Spy who loved Me

Sean Connery
You Only Live Twice
I hate to be pedantic but that's 6 not 3. I thought you were just listing all the Bond films.

It is said that people's favourite Bond's are the one's they saw first or grew up with. Mine is Connery primarily because he was/is the best obviously but also (i am in no doubt) because he was the fist actor I saw in the part.

Is there anyone out there who this is not true for? Example, someone of Connery's era who prefers Brosnan or even younger people who saw Brosnan first and prefer Moore? Unlikely I know but anyone out there care to confess?
1. Goldfinger/Thunderball
2. OHMSS/Licence to Kill
3. For Your Eyes Only/Spy Who Loved Me

Connery all the way.
1) A View To A Kill (I know, but it was the first one I saw)
2) Goldfinger
3) The World is Not Enough

Nobody does it beter than Sean Connery
The James Bond serie is one of my favorite! My favorite 3 are

1.- The World is Not Enough
2.- Moonraker
3.- Live and Let Die

Favorite Bond- Pierce Brosnan

Favotite Ally(unwillingly in The Man With the Golden Gun)
Sherrif J.W. Pepper of the Louisiana Bayou
Excellent this is easier than the Speilberg one...

1) From Russia With Love
2) Goldfinger
3) On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Favourite Bond, has to be Connery
From Russia With Love
Tomorrow Never Dies
Moonraker (Oh, I said it.)
Never Say Never Again.

Best Bond... Connery.
followed by Lazenby.
Mine are:
- "Octopusy"
- "Man with a Golden Gun"
- "In her m. secret service"

Fav Bond: Sean Connery
Name 3 best Bond movies.....???? :)
Hello..another small pool your 3 fav. 007 movies..and as extra name your fav. Bond (meaning actor playing Bond).