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Name the actor and movies most in your collection

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Mine is...

Harrison Ford

The Fugitive SE
Hollywood Homicide
K-19: The Widowmaker
Jack Ryan Special Edition Boxed Set
Random Hearts
Witness SE
Air Force One

Sandra Bullock

Forces Of Nature
Miss Congeniality
Miss Congeniality II
Two Weeks Notice
While You Were Sleeping
The Net

Tom Cruise
Mission Impossible
Top Gun SE
A Few Good Men
Minority Report
War Of The Worlds
The Firm

Eddie Murphy

BH Cop
I Spy
Coming To America
The Distinguished Gentlemen
Dr. Dolittle
Dr. Dolittle 2
Daddy Day Care

Also...Julia Roberts(mostly her romantic comedies), Meg Ryan,
Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Nicole Kidman, Denzel, Jim Carrey
Oh gawd, here we go again... Wink
I thought I was being quite gentlemanly Wink
Ooo you have such a way with words. Rrrrrrrrr
What makes you think it's not?
If only that were true Wink
Jenna Jameson....

you can always add them.. I had to do that with a few of my dvds in my collection.

Jacob Rubinstein wrote: there is a dvd tracker site called once you have your collection listed. they have your top actor, director, producers.

its a really cool site.


The problem with that site, is that they don't have all the DVDs that I owned
there is a dvd tracker site called once you have your collection listed. they have your top actor, director, producers.

its a really cool site.

Let me check really fast....  -leaves-  5 region 1 copies of the Halloween series.  Then I have Region 2 copies of H1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 from the UK, Spain, and France.  So it looks like 20.
franchise how many if you don't include doubles, triples or quadruple etc copies?
Whoopi and A.Tautou
It's just the DVD rips put onto DVD and packaged as a set.  It's nothing special.  Just all the movies in a weird 25th Anniversary box.
He was also excellent in the Great Escape. I've see that boxset bootleg around eBay, I think. It have any extras?
Yeah.  I'm a collecting fool.  I bought H6 again because the cover spine was slightly different.  Not much different, but different all the same.  My wife hates my obsession.  I have both region 2 boxsets and a probable bootleg set from China.  Probable?  lol  It definitely is.

Can't forget other classics he was in like Prince of Darkness, Escape from New York, Phenomena, and You Only Live Twice.
Whoa, Franchise. 75, that's quite a bit of the man with the hypnotic eye.
Donald Pleasance - Seeing as I own all the region one entries of Halloween and all the TV cuts and bootlegs you can laugh at.  I'd say I'm approaching 75 or so on the Halloween movies he was in.
Jet Li - 27 DVD's excluding doubles, too many to name but I'm missing 7 of his films of which I could live without 3 of them.
Bruce Willis:

Die Hard
Die Hard: Die Harder
Die Hard: With a Vengeance
The Last Boy Scout
Pulp Fiction
Sixth Sense
Tears of the Sun
Sin City
16 Blocks
Lucky # Slevin
86 is puny and only a little over half of his total output
Hey MGR...86 Duke DVDs is nothing to sneeze at!  :-)
Awesome, another John Wayne fan. Who as usual has over a hundred JW movies next to my puny 86
Right now for me it's John Wayne. If it's been released on DVD I have it.

Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart & Hitchcock are runners up.

If you want to go by genre it would be horror/sci-fi. I probably have over 1,000 titles (probably more, I'm to lazy to count).
John Wayne + 66 dvd's = 86 movies
Bruce Campbell, Bruce Willis, and Christopher Walken are my top three actors... I don't dare list all the films here though.
Jackie Chan

Don't ask, the mans been in so many god damn movies. Including foriegn, and domestic. What a damn good fighter. Acting? What acting.
Hmmm let's see ...

Nicolas Cage:
Guarding Tess
Family Man
National Treasure
The Rock: Criterion
Matchstick Men
Con Air
Wild At Heart
Captain Corelli's Mandolin
It Could Happen To You
Windtalkers: Director's Cut
City of Angels
Snake Eyes
Bringing Out The Dead
Leaving Las Vegas

Bruce Willis:
16 Blocks
Die Hard Ultimate Boxset
Sixth Sense
Color of Night
Story of Us
The Kid
Striking Distance
The Whole 9 Yards
The Whole 10 Yards
The Jackal
Mercury Rising
Pulp Fiction
The Fifth Element
Hart's War
Tears of the Sun

mine is probely Sam Jackson, Johnny Depp or one of those actors  who is in every film ever like Dick Miller
Samuel L Jackson
Too maney to list
Name the actor and movies most in your collection
Kurt Russel:

The Thing
Escape from New York
Executive Decision
Dark Blue