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Need Help; Someone with Halloween 5 DVD

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I'm also mentioned in the credits.  Mike Roedell.  I know the guy who is mentioned as the British fan and Anthony Masi.  I'm got connections, but alas it doesn't afford me free stuff.  lol

When you get your review of the H1 discs done, I have to see it.  I've already got most of the differences down, but to see how others attack it is cool.
I did compare the two different H2's a few months ago, just for fun! There's definitely a difference in them, although they're not timed exactly the same so it was a b***h grabbing the exact frames and matching them.

Currently trying to get all of the Halloween releases (four, I think) and do comparisons of that... from the original disc, to the THX, to the extended cut, to the Divimax cut, might make an editorial out of that one.

Hey, your board is featured in the documentary, you should feel honored! Wink That review should be up shortly...
lol  I could have provided you with a copy of H4.  I've got about 3 copies of it laying around.  I'm too much of a completist to not have all the releases.  Good luck on the comparison.  I'm looking forward to it.  You ever do a comparison between the Goodtimes H2 and Universal H2?  That's my favorite of the series.  Happy
Nah... tried but didn't.

Ordered mine and got them Thursday, am working hard on the reviews, but summer classes are ending and exams are holding me up.

Went to find my Halloween 4 disc previously released and only found the tin, not the disc! ARGH! I really wanted to do a comparison between the Divimax and original, so because I want to write as thorough a review as I can, I've ordered it again and rushed it so I can get the review up sometime this week.

I love doing comparisons...
I keep forgetting to ask, Dustin.  Did you get comp DVDs for 4 and 5?  If so, it must be nice.  I run the board and I don't get even a napkin signed by a Yahoo! rep.  :D
Yeah, it sure does look like a face, but I watched the whole Spitz scene there and there was tons of smoke floating through the barn.  Perhaps it caught him just right in an exaggerated motion and made an echo.
Ya looks like an echo of the actual face
Hmm... thanks much for the screenshot.

Still weird as hell though.
I was just looking at a comparison of them side by side and they're identical.  It looks like it's there because of the smoke that is floating through the screen.
Need Help; Someone with Halloween 5 DVD
So I'm working through my Divimax SE of Halloween 5 review, and I notice something very strange... a mirror image of an actor appearing out of nowhere... see the screenshot. It happens around 59 min, 09-11 seconds. Look at the actors mouth and chin, you can see the reflection to the left of it, and it's much more evident when the video is in play.

If anyone has the Halloween 5 DVD, the previous one put out by Anchor Bay and could see if this is something we've always had, I'd appreciate it.  Somehow, if it's always been this way - I think I would've noticed before now. I've since gotten rid of my copy in anticipation for this release. D'oh!

Anyways, thanks for the help.. if it's even given.  Franchise, think you could field this one?