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New edition of Troy?

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Quote: Originally posted by Worst Nightmare
[b]Other Classics from Peter Jackson are "Bad Taste" and "Braindead".
It's real sacrilege that most of PJ's back catalogue isn't available in R4.
Thanks Me You
That gator thing is actually a drug-crazed frog from Peter Jackson's (Of Lord of the Rings fame) "Meet the Feebles" about to get his fix in a scene in the toilet. As he is pulled out of the cubicle and dragged to the stage, he mutters "Man, did you ever notice the beautiful lighting in this toilet?". A weird movie.....
Other Classics from Peter Jackson are "Bad Taste" and "Braindead".

I will wait for the combo player to come out so I won't be stuck with one format or the other giving me the greatest choice...
I agree. This movie was a flop and I think they are gonna take their moderate DVD sales and cut this one free to fade off into bad movie obscurity.
Canada's consumer electronics industry (like just about everything else) is pretty much inter-twined with the US, with usually the same release dates, specs, etc.. In other words, we have all the same stuff at the same time.

So over here HD-DVD and Blu-Ray aren't out yet. I've just read specs and seen a list of HD-DVD launch titles. My guess is that a player will go for about $1200 canadian initially for either format with movies being about $40 - $60. Since most electronics manufacturers have staked an interest in the development of either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, I'm also guessing that a combo player that recognizes both won't come out around launch either, and when it does will probably come from a 3rd party with no interest in either side.

Hope that helps.

BTW, I've been meaning to ask, what IS that crazy looking gator thing thats your sig? lol
Quote: Originally posted by Me You
I wouldnt think they would on DVD. Maybe when HD-DVD get out of the gate. The movie just didnt do well enough to rip off the audience with repeated dipping.
Hey Me You, has Canada moved ahead with HD-DVD or is it just on the horison like Blu-ray is? Are both formats available to buy yet (I believe they are in Japan)? If so, are the players backward compatable?
I wouldnt think they would on DVD. Maybe when HD-DVD get out of the gate. The movie just didnt do well enough to rip off the audience with repeated dipping.
Sooner or later they'll re-release it
New edition of Troy?
Do you think Warner will release a new edition of Troy somewhere down the line?  I read that despite it being a 2-disc set, the extras weren't that good...

I'm wondering if I should pick this one up or wait for a possible double-dip...