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 New Friday The 13th Film!!!

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Franchise, just noticed your signature.  I'm on that board, but haven't posted in about a year or so but it rocks.  Happy

You can bet your sweet @ss that I'm going to have H4, H5, and H25 DVD reviews on Active.  The only question is whether or not the fine PR people for Anchor Bay will hook me up or will I have to fork out the dough.
The prequel has indeed been shelved.  That's good news, but who really cares now?
Yay!!!  No 'origin of Jason' movie!!!  I dont care how he keeps coming back, I always figured he was just one mean SOB, and that was enough for me.  Now just make a new F13 movie, and don't cancel that one.
I think it has been cancelled now
As bad as any of the Sequels get to "Halloween" "Friday the 13th" or "Elm ST" there is still the teenager in me that will go see all of them no matter how bad they get.
I have been a life long Friday Fanchise fan.  I started watching them way before I should've at an early age, and New Line's 'prequel' idea scares me.

New Line's first Friday movie, Jason Goes to Hell was not a good movie, and introducing the Voorhees house, and the mystical magic knife, and 'through a Voorhees he was born, and only through a Voorhees may he be killed' line was all bad.  Adding to the legend is onething, but making it more like New Line's flailing Nightmare series.

I did get a kick out of Jason X, and Freddy vs. Jason.

Isn't this supposed to be a prequel?
can't say I'm surprised at this news because they've been talking about making another halloween, friday the 13th, and nightmare on elm street movie for the longest.
there was even talk at one point of "remaking" the originals (that would be a BIG mistake), and I know there was talk at one point of putting all three in Freddy vs Michael vs Jason.
Remains to be seen which one will be made first.
After 11 films, they finally address the reason why he gets the regenerative powers.  The reasoning in the earlier films of 'his dead body witnessed his mother getting decapitated' is kind of weak.

New Friday The 13th Film!!!
for all you ppl that like friday the 13th films then your gunna love this ...
New Line is hoping to release its 12th film in the sturdy Friday the 13th franchise on -- surprise -- Friday, Oct. 13! The kicker is that the studio has launched development of a script about Jason Voorhees' origins. Is this news killer enough for ya? Cause you can expect even more big news soon!
they are also going to be doing a new freddy film but new news will be hopefully be arriving shortly!!!