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New ORIGINAL series Star Trek individual packaging

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Attaching DVD's to magazines is just another avenue the distributor has of getting rid of quantities of the discs. The original series is in the process of being all CGI'd up and remastered for HDTV so you could reasonably assume a new DVD/HD-DVD version will be in the offing over the next 12-18 months.

I personally would steer clear of buying these at £7.99 over the next 2-3 years and just pick up the boxsets if that's your thing. The 'unaltered' episodes could become quite sought after if they don't include them in any eventual 'redone' boxsets.
Australia Region 4 is also releasing a re-packaged Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Sets. I do not know what they look like. I saw this advertised in
Terrific site everyone.

Nic, I know what you mean if you total up the cost in the LONG some people may not be willing to lash out the total cost of the 3 boxsets in one go.  It was just really a thought for anyone that doesn't appreciate the awkward-shaped as much as you, and I think from the site's screenshot of the eventual "spine" that it looks a VERY nice collection as far as the cases go.  I also believe that they are the remastered 5.1 versions, but agree that you don't seem to get the extras.  
Im suddenly having a flash back to college. There was this weird guy in my computer science class, so one day a bunch of us hacked his laptop to see why he was always giggling to himself in the corner.

You don't want to know what we found. But needless to say, he loved horses too. Way, waaaaaay too much. Sick

Oh god, mental image!
Also the title of a dubious website...
These things always come out around new year.  I guess the producers assume people think "ooh, I think I'll get myself a hobby this year" and bombard us with this kind of thing.

It's not just movie stuff either.  My personal "favourite" was "I Love Horses" from a couple of years ago.  Possibly the most irritating TV ad ever.
Utterly pointless rip-off release. Anyone who shells out over £200  for these half arsed shoddy DVDs is a complete idiot.
 The proper box sets have re-mastered picture, 5.1 sound. Loads of extras and awesome (clumsy? How dare you) packaging. AND, you look in the right places you can pick up all 3 seasons for less than £100.

Oh and the magazine is NO WAY worth shelling out the extra £100. If I want to know what frequency the warp drive the Enterprise's warp core is pulsating at when travelling at warp 3, (christ knows when I'll ever need to) then I'll look on Thankyouverymuch.

Rant. Over.
New ORIGINAL series Star Trek individual packaging
A new weekly glossy Star Trek PUBLICATION WITH DVD attached is out now (Issue 1) priced £2.99 and £7.99 thereafter, and has 3 episodes to each individual dvd...perhaps a cheap alternative to buying the pricey 3 seasons of "clumsily packaged" boxsets, or may be of interest to "completist" collectors.  See for full details of subscriptions etc.