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Next wave of Bond films on Blu-Ray announced!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Next wave of Bond films on Blu-Ray announced! 


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i'm not going anywhere near the bond blu rays until there is confirmation that they will actually WORK in my blu ray player
I'm not a big fan of the Bond films. Although I do like some of them, my favorite being 'Goldfinger' - so it's great that they announced that!, but I don't like any Brosnan's Bond movies.
If I had money to burn I'd love to import the region locked steelbook BDs, then buy the Reg B BD discs to put them in. But I don't so I can't Sad But currently I'm happy with my UE dvds, can't wait to own Quantum of Solace though,
Looks like a good selection, a lot better overall than the first batch.
Like the effect Batman Begins had on the Burton/Schumacher films, which was to say, made them almost redundant for me, I found watching the last part of World is not Enough (on TV)painful after Casino Royale and Quantum. Not that I see Quantum as the next coming but 'World's' climax was woeful as an action sequence. The fights were like going from the Matrix fights to one of the many stiff and poorly staged fights in a Star Trek Next Gen episode.

I couldn't believe how bad the Craig Bond's have made the Brosnan one's look by comparison in such a short period of time.
Next wave of Bond films on Blu-Ray announced!
Diamonds Are Forever, GoldenEye, Goldfinger, Licence to Kill, The Spy Who Loved Me & The World Is Not Enough. These are the titles released on Blu-Ray sometime in february-march next year according to

what do you think?