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Nightmare on elm street

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It wouldn't surprise me if they remade NOES however I think there is talk of a "prequel".  Maybe if the prequel doesn't get made then they will do a remake.  

Hey if your job depened on you making the company money you would make Elm St Part 19
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: Surely you can't be serious...

They'll get to it eventually, it will all depend on the success of the new Halloween, if it does well, I would expect remakes of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.
Surely you can't be serious...
what re-make??
Except the remake! Wink
i agree with dustin the rest were rubbish apart from 3 which was not too bad, new nightmare and two were very gurdd!!
but nothing will ever be as good as the original!!
Freddy`s revenge(NOES 2)is s**t, the idea for the film just doesn`t work. Part 3 isn`t bad ,part 4 Dream master was my favourite the more funnier freddy and the way the kids meet their maker were outragous.Part 5 Dream child ,well "Dire" springs to mind.. part 6 hmmm well the 3D stuff was a waste of time and yes to much of the budget but the film was fairly good with the makers trying to explore and flesh out Freddy`s back story and the reasons why ...
New Nightmares was Wes Craven`s attempt to bring some cred back to the Character, it was ok I suppose and as for that Vs jason film I`ve not wasted my time ....Yet  
horror-1428 wrote: i dont agree with ppl that find horrors funny
but i carnt change that soo..

A lot of good horrors are supposed to be funny. One of my faves is "Dawn of the Dead '78", I think I've said it before, but when my friends and I were watching it, we could barely contain ourselves.

A lot of bad horrors are unintentionally funny. "Darkness Falls" is my favourite example. I saw this many years ago with my much younger cousins, we were all laughing through it (and one is notorious for having nightmares and frightening easily).

Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes it's not, but horror is synonimous with comedy.
I must respectfully disagree. Nightmare 2 was s**t. It broke all of the rules set-up by Craven in the original, and the whole thing is one big homoerotic mess. Dream Warriors was a decent enough sequel, and he was still a long way off of the wise-cracking Freddy seen in parts 4, 5 and 6. That said, I still like 4 and 5 is passable. 6 is dire, but mainly cause they blew most of the budget on that useless 3D gimmick.
NOES 2 was the best sequel behind New Nightmare mainly because Freddy was still scary at that point. He wasn't up to the moronic antics of 3,4,5 and 6. There were no killer motorcycles, human-face pizzas, comic book Freddys, video game Freddys, and he didn't dress up as the Wicked Witch.
i dont agree with ppl that find horrors funny
but i carnt change that soo..
I like them just to laugh. same with 99 percent of the horror movies out there.
6 was gay to the 4th power 5 was gay to the 2nd power and 4 was ok IMO
they made them because horror fans would pay to see more no matter how bad they were. If fans stop paying they will stop making them
6 is pretty awful but I think 4 and 5 have their moments, apart from the inclusion of the horribly-named actress Tuesday Knight Shocked
Nightmare on elm street
was there really any point in making 4,5,6??