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Woo, posted!
James Tully

I've already flagged this up on the 'general chat' thread, but if this is important to you, or anyone else, be aware that the 'free' soundtrack by Vangelis included with these releases is sadly the original, INCOMPLETE one.  There is a fantastic new COMPLETE 3-disc soundtrack coming out on 10th December, and all the details are here:
Warner are sending me one of the high-def versions to review. Dunno which one yet, BD or HD DVD, but it'll only be the Final Cut.
demiscy wrote: a brainwash is still a brainwash.. whoever does it is irrelevant :D :D :D
I would say intense deprogramming is more appropriate in this case...
I am going with the tin. Its £21.99 on amazon with a copy of the soundtrack.

Anyone interested in the 2 disc version should head to amazon as well its £8.98 with a copy of the soundtrack. Pretty good value......
a brainwash is still a brainwash.. whoever does it is irrelevant :D :D :D
demiscy wrote: She's been brainwashed
Yeah, by people with common sense.
She's been brainwashed
Well there was never any question of your mentalness (or lack thereof Wink) however you do make a point. I think that this is what I've dubbed DVD maturity. You've realised that while there is something better out there, you can settle for something slightly less because it saves you money, and you can do without an origami unicorn.

It's perfectly healthy and 100% normal.
I'm actually considering not buying the Blade Runner case and just buying the regular tin edition.

 If you look at it, you're shelling out an extra £25 for a case that will end up with an inch of dust over it and take up god knows how much space I don't have, a toy car, and a paper unicorn..Oh and the "letter" from Ridley Scott. (Which will just be a mass produced bit of pap.)

The cheaper version still has all 5 comes in a tin (which you lot know I have a fetish for) and I still get the "artwork" and that little white thing with Han's picture in it.

This time last year I wouldn't even flinch at that but now, I just keep thinking..that £25 could get me 1 step closer to buying my own PS3, or a step closer to finishing my Star Trek DVD collection.

Is anyone else starting to think like this or have I gone mental?