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OLDBOY - Remake with Will Smith

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i just read that danny boyle maybe involved with lady vengeance and/or sympathy for mr. vengeance.  boyle mentioned that one of his favourite movies is audition.
I read somewhere that they're going to somehow eschew the whole, well, Woo-jin's 'gift' thing.  I don't know ...HOW... that's possible!
Doh, my bad.Was looking up Tekashe Miike stuff before this so I got confusled.
Um, Park Chan-wook made Oldboy, not Miike Takashi.
OldBoy made me sick for a couple of weeks. I still need to see the rest of the Takashi Miike trilogy. Will Smith seems to be doing a lot of remakes nowadays. Lined up for the Karate Kid remake too. Still need to see Infernal Affairs. I can't wait for the sequel to The Departed.
"If Nancy doesn't want to chip in, then it will be $5.35 per person!" I was merely referring to those movies as having started fairly a-list. At least over seas any way. Takashi Miike for example (one missed call)
Let me clarify: By "big name" asian remake, I meant remake being created by "big name" moviemakers. None of the flicks you mentioned come close to what I am talking about (maaaaaybe the Ring, but Watts and Verbinski don't come close to Leo and Scorsese).

So I mean when really A-list talent is involved, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until they deliver a steaming pile.

Now if you want to keep being Negative Nancy, go right on.
thats a terrible game plan. ie. pulse, grudge, ring, one missed call.
The Departed was so unbelievably awesome, that I'll go into any big name Asian remake with an open mind. So I'm just going to play it by ear.
this remake sounds like the WORST IDEA EVER! there is no possible way that the will smith version is going to be even half as brutal as the original. why cant we just come up with our own movie ideas anymore?! there are a million people wandering the US with a script in hand, and all we wanna do is steal from asia all the damn time.
alex77014 wrote: on a scale of 1-10 (ten being the highest) would you rate all three of the movies?  if i watch them in order...will i appreciate oldboy that much more?  or if i watch oldboy first...will i be let down when watching the other two?  or should i even bother watching the other two.  i was looking to purchase oldboy...but i saw that there is a trilogy set available also.
You know, not being funny, but we do review DVDs on this site. We've reviewed all three of them multiple times... The best DVD version of Oldboy is sadly OOP now, but the BD is pretty good. Actually, I'm fairly sure the best versions of all of them are OOP.
Oldboy is BRILLIANT. Simple as that. Sympathy for Lady Vengance is good - quite nicely filmed. Sympathy for Mr. Vengance was good too, but obviously less money behind it than the other two.

As far as I remember the only link between the three is Vengance and you don't have to have knowledge of any other one to watch one.

Definately reccomend all three though - HMV or Zavvi were doing a good deal on the fancy Trilogy Box Set a couple of weeks ago.
I've only seen Oldboy myself, I've flicked through the other two but it didn't seem that good, but i'm sure it's okay but they are irrelvant to Oldboy.
It's in the top 250 of imdb and I think it's awesome.
I rate it 8/10.
on a scale of 1-10 (ten being the highest) would you rate all three of the movies?  if i watch them in order...will i appreciate oldboy that much more?  or if i watch oldboy first...will i be let down when watching the other two?  or should i even bother watching the other two.  i was looking to purchase oldboy...but i saw that there is a trilogy set available also.
Oldboy stands alone... The other two films are directed my the same man but have nothing in common apart from getting revenge!
i'm not very familiar with this movie.  it's part of a trilogy...right?  i've heard people rave about oldboy, but i've not heard much about vengeance and lady vengeance.  is it necessary to watch them in order?  or does oldboy stand alone?  
OLDBOY - Remake with Will Smith
Quote: UK, November 7, 2008 - Yes, you read the above headline right, and no, it isn't April Fool's Day - Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are apparently considering collaborating on a remake of Korean masterpiece Oldboy.

According to Variety, the Hollywood heavyweights have been searching for a film to make together, and see Chan Wook-Park's downbeat thriller as a possible candidate.

For those unfamiliar with the material, the story concerns a businessman who is kidnapped and incarcerated for 15 years without explanation. He is then released, and spends the rest of the film searching for his captor and trying to find out why.

It's a brilliant film, but the denouement is so shocking that's it hard to imagine the mainstream likes of Spielberg and Smith remaining true to the source.

Whatever the case, Spielberg is currently searching for a writer to begin the development process.

Source: IGN

Quote: Hollywood has been kicking around the idea of remaking Chan-wook Park’s deeply disturbing revenge thriller Oldboy for years. Variety says that now those remake plans have fallen into the lap of Steven Spielberg and Will Smith. I can’t imagine anyone worse.

Here’s the problem. Oldboy is one of the most profoundly f**ked up, dark, demented, screwed up movies ever made. It rips your heart right out of your chest, stomps on it, and then lets the credits role. It leaves your head spinning, your mind reeling, and that sick and twisted bent is exactly what makes it so great. Enter Spielberg and Smith, two filmmakers known primarily for making fluffy movies with happy endings.

Granted, Spielberg made Schindler and Saving Private Ryan, but those movies are more aberrations on his filmography. The real Spielberg is the guy who ruined War of the Worlds because he couldn’t resist giving it an unwarranted happy ending. That’s what he does when he’s remaking something. He takes something dark and thought-provoking and makes it glossy and happy. So by the way, does Will Smith. They’re both incredibly talented, but you know what you’re getting with them and what you’re getting is not what Oldboy needs and deserves.

Right now Spielberg and Smith are only in early discussions to collaborate on the remake. DreamWorks is still working on getting the rights to it. So there’s a chance it might not work. Or if it does work, maybe they’ll both stay out of it and simply take an executive producer credit. If you’re going to get a big-name director to do something like this, you need Paul Greengrass or Darren Aronofsky. Spielberg simply will not do.

Oldboy was a Korean movie released in 2003. It tells the story of a man kidnapped and imprisoned in a comfortable cell without any explanation. After 15 years without answers he’s released, and sets off to get revenge. Nothing, and I mean nothing, turns out like you’d expect. Do yourself a favor and give the original movie a rent.

Souce: CinemaBlend

Despite being one of the greatest asian movies ever, I have good faith in Will Smith.