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Online vs offline in terms of DVD purchases

Forums - Discs & Movies - Online vs offline in terms of DVD purchases 


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I buy all my DVD's online. I refuse to buy Canadian discs anymore. Theyre always overpriced and have features ripped away in favour of french, or have ugly bi-lingual covers, etc...

I buy from Amazon and a few other sites. I usually end up paying less then the retail price of discs here even after exchange and shipping. If I were to buy here, I'd also have to add 15% tax ontop which I also get out of.

To me, there is no downside.
I only buy DVD's every few months,
I usually order from Amazon at least once or twice a year, but I usually buy from Gamestop(great deals on used DVD's, and they usually work), Fry's, Costco and sometimes Wal-Mart.
I mainly order for those harder to find in stores or DTS audio editions.  Its quicker to pick up a new release in the store at around 14.99 when its first released.  I can still order online and hold for pickup in the store.
I rarely order DVDs online. Only Criterion and TV sets, but stores are usually reasonable about everything else I go after.
I love!!! I also like to look throught the $5.50 bin at local Wal-Marts.
Mal wrote: Ah I see, so they are used as loss leaders to get you into the stores... makes sense.

I've always found this an odd term.....loss leader.  I sincerely doubt that Best Buy is losing money on selling dvds at $14.99, but maybe that is just my cynical nature.
Ah I see, so they are used as loss leaders to get you into the stores... makes sense.
Last DVD I bought online was Sin City: Recut with my Best Buy gift card. Any other time, I go to my video store and buy DVDs... it's about a block from my house either and they have great deals on some DVDs.
Most of the time, I buy my stuff at the store.  I've been looking at buying online, but when I buy a new movie, it takes a long time for prices to come down unless it's a movie that's not too memorable.  Getting the DVD at Wal-Mart or Best Buy usually doesn't cost too much (Wal-Mart prices are around $14.88 for single disc releases).  If it's a box set, I'll wait a bit and then try looking for it online.  I look out for the deals, but I hardly ever find them.  Most of the time, I stick with major retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or Circuit City.  I'm pretty lucky only living a few minutes from all 4.
I buy new US releases I really want the week they come out at Best Buy or Target, I get my non R1 stuff from or Amazon UK, and everything else I pick up a various used sources like Pawn shops and a little place here in the TC called DVD123, I got Terminator 3 and Freddy VS Jason for a total of 3.50 from there.

I used to order nearly 100% of my DVDs from  They would price match Circuit City and Best Buy; however, about 1.5 years ago they changed because those two retailers started charging shipping.

I buy new releases that are sold as loss-leaders at Circuit City, generally as they are usually a buck or two cheaper than Best Buy.

I still buy Box Sets (and anything over $25 which is the break even point between 6% Florida tax and the $1.25 shipping charge that DeepDiscount adds in to matching Circuit City/Best Buy prices) and catalog titles from

I buy all my Criterion stuff from  Even though it appears that DVDPlanet and DeepDiscountDVD are the same company (they have the same return address), DVDPlanet is the cheapest place to buy Criterion DVDs.

I occassionally buy from Amazon on things like Box Sets when they have better prices than DeepDiscountDVD.  Sometimes, they will sell two discs editions for the same price as the 1 disc edition as well.

Everyone might think I am a miser trying to save a $1 or so on each DVD, but you have to remember, I own well over 1500 DVDs and saving money on each purchase is important.
Online vs offline in terms of DVD purchases
When buying DVDs what percentage do you purchase online? Where do you get most of your DVDs from? Why do you buy them there?

Reason I ask is I notice US visitors in particular stating they picked up title X from major offline retailer Y, and was interested to know why.

I get close to 100% of my titles online, mostly from:, and then more specialist ones like:, and