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Original Film Ideas

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I once wrote a story which is sort of a Sci-fi comedy. It stars and alien race named the Vorns who come to the earth because there planet was over populated and pouted. This is becuase they reproduce by bumping into each other. The earthlings then fight of the Vorns and they move to mars. Once they make it to mars they invent cloths to stop the over population. It was a great script but i forget alot of the stuff now.
Someday I'll finish my original script, you'll see. Someday soon after, I'll be told it sucks.
I've got a bunch of them, then again if I spill the beans here some studio writer will rip 'em off and make big bucks Very Happy

I did have one real good one though. When I was a teen, I was bored one afternoon and came up with a Star Trek movie idea. Yes I know, how geeky. Thankfully I find girls more interesting.

Anyhow, I wrote up a treatment that took place before 7 of 9 came on voyager, and before first contact was made. I had all the franchaises come together. I had the Borg (before they were played out) go into the gamma quadrant and assimilate the jem'hadaar and then come through the wormhole to take out deep space nine and the federation. The Enterprise was the lead flagship investigating why it was all happening that way and I had voyager find a borg transwarp conduit and get back home with knowledge to put everything in context and how to stop it all.

I posted it on the offical star trek message board and I know that the guy who played Tom Paris saw it because he liked it and commented on the idea later on in a chat.

I've come up with everything from murder mysteries to westerns and action movies. One day I gotta try to pitch em.
Original Film Ideas
I thought it might be interesting to hear if anyone has ever thought of an original plot idea for a movie that they think would be good.  I thought of one where you see this guy commit a horrible murder and then you see the trial and then you see his life in prison.  Basically it's 3 segments, and at the end you find out that the murder was his revenge on the guy that accualy commited the crime that landed him in prison.  I thought that might be interesting.