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lol no problem stephen Etherton.

So when do you find out who wins?
Thank you all for the votes, she and I appreciate them.  Thanks to Tommy for starting the thread to get those votes Happy

Yay I'm proud. Give me the pride lol. Anyway but most comments are harsh.
Somehow this thread is longer than most comments on legitimate films. Tommy, thats something to be proud of
I too gave her a 5 and for good reason, she's gifted. Best of luck to Lady Etherton
I have an account and I guess I could vote for her instead of the vote going by. you know?

I gave her a five. Hope that helps
Hey... as long as we are shamelessly self promoting stuff...

My wife in in a contest, and could use as many votes as possible.  It is some piano playing for the Tran-Syberian Orchestra, but if any of you have an account on youtube, and want to stop by and vote her up, that would be peachy-keen!!!

You know, I thought herpes were bad.. I guess I'm wrong...
Well thats why I said "IF" anyway if you admit ur a jackass, then thats enough forgiven cuz Id never call myself some name thats evil lol.

If anyone would like to see a second clip just let me know. Probably no one would but I thought I just ask.
Whoa, Tommy. I never said I was 'sry' because frankly, I'm not. I'm a jackass by nature.
well Dustin if ur sry its okay and I was going to credit everything on the dvd but I guess I forgot to put it on the site. You should have just told me and I would have credited everyone on my site. Anyway its okay but the movie is off. Sad. O and Merry Christmas. Right in time for a jolly season to pull this off.
Yeah, that could be my doing. In a real jackass move, I sent a few e-mails to the owners of the copyrighted material being used in Tommy's 'Stab' letting them know of this unauthorized usage, as well as Tommys supposed intention as passing it off as a legit picture by making DVDs of it.

I'm not against fan films, quite the contrary. I just hate when ZERO credit is given to the people who made the original elements (creative properties, musics, images) that are being used without permission. That really bugs me.
Interesting...the site is "Frozen" by the isp hosting it...
Don't let the negative feedback put you off in the long term. If you are genuinely interested in creating films then listen to the feedback about your clips and use those opinions to help improve your future productions. Perhaps some years down the line you could have a success on your hands and a distributor signed up... you just need to keep learning and perfecting your skills.
thanks Cheddar J. Cheese. Yeah Ill just got to a horror board and post it anyway I'm done with posting this movie here so d/w none of you will her about Stab anymore lol. Atleast one person here finally says something nice lol. Anyway I guess it ends the board ends here.
I support you 100% man. Make movies, it's fun and worthwhile (unless you end up making "Gigli" or "Ishtar"... We really don't need those again Tongue), but did you really expect to find people who would fall down loving it on an internet message board? I apologise if my comments were mean, they were not intended to be that way. It's great that you put it up for people to see, but in the first hours of posting all you got was negative feedback, ok, post another clip to see. Then there was even MORE. It just seems that you should've quit while you were slightly ahead is all. This wasn't the audience you were expecting, you should try a slasher board or something (forgive my ignorance, I do not explore such areas of the web so I do not know if one exists).
Okay fine then I'm out bye cuz all you ppl are really mean. Its just a freaken movie for WHOEVER wants to see it. You don't have to and if you don't want to then why are you posting here.
Are you really that daft? Or are you just a masochist?
Honestly, I think if you had just said: "Here's a goofy movie I made with some people" or whatever, instead of "Where's the owner of the site? I would like him to post my movie in the DVD news", then people would be a bit warmer to it. But as it were, no, people don't want to see any more clips, and quite frankly, it appears that you want the abuse that comes from it.
Ill post the whole movie is ppl wanna c it. if not I won't be wasting my time.
Okay, okay Tommy. We get it.. anymore clips you post, you'll be posting the whole movie.
did you c this clip?

everyone tell me what you think.
Tommy wrote:  I don't get why every one is being so naive.

I don't think you quite get the meaning of "niave". Personally, I think you're the one who was niave to think he wouldn't get torn to pieces posting this on a forum. That or you have balls of steel. I can't decide.
Okay I have a solution to ur problem. Don't watch the clips or the movie so you won't have to endure w/e. Anyway I'm done. I will cancel everything along w/ the movie and clips unless someone wants to see them.
How very dare you. I do enjoy stuff. I just partook in a rather agreeable bowel movement. That does mean however that to enjoy your film would be to endure a second steaming turd in as many minutes.

No offenceHappy
I never said it was a masterpiece and its not. Its just a fan-made movie for you people to enjoy. I don't get why every one is all on top of me and being so naive. Geeze calm down and enjoy something once in your life without criticizing other people. Damn.
I'll clarify. It's called wit.

Posting another clip of your masterpiece would indeed be a threat to all who stumble across it. Posting a link to the entire film could constitute an act of war.

This agression will not stand...manHappy
How is adding another clip a threat? You make no sense. and I said maybe so its not a promise.
Tommy wrote:

I will add another clip here soon. (Maybe)

Promise or threat?
So I'm guessing no one likes this clip.

I will add another clip here soon. (Maybe)
Mmm. I think what Tommy is trying to achieve with this, through the juxtaposition of images, is to illustrate the duality of man, castrated as he is, (and manifestly so) as he tries to negotiate the perils and pitfalls of modern day living in the 21st Century.

That old chestnut.
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Thats the best thing I have ever seen!! Was it filmed in student halls??? HAHAHHAHHA Better clean up that mess before the superintendent turns up!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA
Yes it does have story, Dustin. That was just a scene from a movie. Well actually a deleted scene. Anyway were not adults doing a freaken real movie. Why do you have to criticize everything. Can you now just enjoy it by watching. I mean its ur opinion so if you dont like it then okay.
I think it's horridly unoriginal, even for a fan production. Any glimmer of greatness you might have there is attributed to the music, which you shamelessly ripped off from credible and talented people. That was just a kill scene with piss-poor acting and cinematography.... does your "film" have any dialogue or story?
Okay so I'm taken it you don't like it Dustin.
I am putting it on youtube. All my friends like it. here Ill post a scene from the movie first to see who likes it.

Click that and post here your honest opinion!
Why don't you put it on

Let's see how many people would like it?
Oh please please PLEASE upload it. Everyone else is thinking it, I'm just the only one whos willing to say it...
Its filmed and done. I can upload it.

Nic Mall if you are serious thanks. If not its okay.
Dustin wrote: Nic, please... he thinks your serious. :Rolling Eyes:
What makes you think I'm not?
Dustin wrote: I'll tell ya what I think is awesome - my contacting New Line Cinema, Dimension/Miramax and Freewebs about the copyright violations. Now That.Was.Awesome.

And just like that...

...Tommy was gone.
Nic, please... he thinks your serious. :Rolling Eyes:
Tommy wrote: Nic Mall are you saying my movie is awesome?
Have you filmed it yet? If not can I be in it?
I'll tell ya what I think is awesome - my contacting New Line Cinema, Dimension/Miramax and Freewebs about the copyright violations. Now That.Was.Awesome.
Tommy, are you taking the piss??? Oh dear!!!!!
Nic Mall are you saying my movie is awesome?

I don't own Active, Mal does... but I don't think we'd stoop so low to post news on a c**ppy fan production, especially one with so many violations of copyright. Sheesh.
It was not a teaser, it was a promotion trailer like to get ppl to see the site but the teaser has actual stuff from the movie and don't tell me to jump off a cliff cuz its ppl like you who make other ppl do suicide. Also you seem like an uncool person so I don't know why I'm wasten my time talken to u. Plus there is a link to another promotion trailer under that.
that has got to be the worst fan made teaser for a movie! you just took the trailer form the texas cahinsaw massacre remake and blacked it out!!!!


I need to speak with the owner.

Hello. I am making a fan made movie called stab. I would like to know if you could put this under where you post dvd pics. The pic looks like The official site is and If you can do this for me thatll be great and you can say its fan made and all. It will be going to youtube January first!

For the dvd pic just scroll down a little.