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Phantasm R2 Sphere Set

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Forget region-free.... just hack your player and make sure it can play both PAL and NTSC.

Just finished my old VHS copy of Phantasm II and loved every minute of it.  These films have really, really bad dialogue, don't they?  Still love 'em, though.
The current state of the Phantasm movies in region one is a mess:

Was released by MGM a few years ago as a fairly decent SE, but contained a non-anamorphic, widescreen transfer; the title is currently OOP and will run you about $20 and up for a copy on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Phantasm II & Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead
Neither film has ever been released on DVD in region one; Universal Home Video currently holds the rights in the U.S. and have no plans on releasing either film in the forseeable future.

Phantasm IV: Oblivion
Is currently available from MGM Home Video on DVD as a fairly barebones title; can be had for under $10 at most retailers.

The only way to go is to order the region two Anchor Bay set; you get the films in about as good condition as you are going to get as they feature anamorphic video, the choice of DD or DTS audio and plenty of extras. If you don't have a region-free player and don't plan on getting one then I'm afraid you're SOL. I highly suggest you look into getting one as you'd be surprised at the amount of titles that are either available overseas but not here or at the quality of some of the releases versus what we get here.
thanks Dustin
Legal issues are holding up a region one box set, so don't hold your breath.

Is there a R1?  Searching, but not finding.  Maybe you guys are the lucky ones.
Waiting on the region two AB edition of Hellraiser III to go on sale before I order it...wouldn't mind having the movie but not for about $30.
Yeah, it was £16.99 right before I frickin ordered.  Then it jumped back up to £27.99... I hate myself for stalling a day on it.
Good set. It's actually very fun to watch all 4 in a row.
Keith wrote: I enjoyed those movies, though I've not seen them in years.  Is the quality transfer very good?
Yes, but you have to remember that being region two discs that the transfers are PAL, not NTSC, so you'll have to have a region-free player to view them. Also keep in mind that PAL video runs at a faster frame-rate than NTSC, so there is about a 4% difference which is noticeable at times--some movies more than others--but it really isn't anything that should keep you away from these discs.

I just noticed that at Amazon UK the prices are a bit higher than what I paid for the set, so if you're looking to get it best wait until it goes on sale there or wherever you wish to purchase it. I paid £12.74 (about $23.00) for the digipak set on Amazon UK myself a couple of months back--more than half off of what they are currently selling the set for--and shipping was just a few dollars. Not a bad deal at all.
Very good considering the age and budgets of the source material.
I enjoyed those movies, though I've not seen them in years.  Is the quality transfer very good?
the bonus stuff is some of the best i've never seen
Gotta agree with Chris on the packaging...can't stand bulky packaging myself so I went with the digipak set. The bonus materials are good and the movies are presented quite nicely. The only odd thing about the set is that Coscarelli didn't participate on the commentary track on the third movie for some reason, so it lags a bit, but overall it doesn't bring the set down. I was just glad to finally get a decent copy of the second film...who knows when Universal is going to release it here, if ever.
Worst, thanks for the link... but I knew what was in the DVDs... just wanted anyone's opinion of how solid the bonus materials were.  DVDs can be loaded with supplements, but they can be weak and wreak of self-promotion, etc.

It's a really good set. I'm not a huge fan of the films, but you can tell that everyone involved really cares about them and did the best job they could in bringing them to DVD. I have the DigiPack, because the quality of Anchor Bay's novelty packaging is pretty bad. The Hellraiser box is just plain awful, and the sphere isn't as good as it looks. Anyway, there's hours of stuff to go through and a few Easter eggs (which I added to the site some time ago).
Dustin, try here for what's in both sets. Looks like only the packaging is different but content is the same.
Phantasm R2 Sphere Set
So I'm finally done being stubborn.  I'm ordering this bad boy when I get paid Thursday.... I'd rather get the digipack because cool as the sphere is, it takes up too much space, kind of bulky.  The sphere is cheaper, though.

I see a big list of extras, but someone who already has the set, tell me, are they as substantial as they seem to be? How's the fifth disc?