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Sony's have a bad problem with smearing - I would avoid them
I know exactly what you mean! Thanks for your help sir!

Another option I've seen is...

Sony KDL-37V5500

A little dearer - but advertises 24p and seems to get lovely reviews?

Ended up going for the Sony KDL-37V5500 and I'm not dissapointed.

No Blu-ray yet, but xbox looks great, and I'll start to save the pennies - I'm getting closer to catching up with you guys and the rest of the world!
Might be a good idea to have a look on a site like the AVForums and tell people your budget. They will probably recommend the best set for the cash, as the people who frequent such sites are more into it than I am (I basically bought my TV and stopped looking for fear of depressing myself when new kit is released).
Crikey - nothing is ever simple eh? Thanks for your advice.

I spoke to a customer service lady at Philips and had her running around to find the answer - in the end she said that it should work. It wasn't very encouraging as I had to explain what I meant by the whole 24 frames thing, but she seemed to be chasing it up with someone else, perhaps who understood.

All in all I still wasn't convinced by the "Yes, it will work" answer.

I only have a certain amount of money to spend you see, and I was trying to get the TV and the Blu ray, but it looks like I might have to plunk for just the TV just now.

Oh well back to the research! Thanks for your help Chris Happy
Essentially the same thing really, just different ways of writing it. 24p means 24 progressive frames per second. If it can actually display the 24 frames as a multiple of 24 then all well and good, but a lot of TVs marketed as supporting 24Hz such will accept the 24Hz input and convert it internally to 60Hz with pulldown, which introduces further motion artefacts. Can't say for sure which this set does, as I've not been able to find a proper review.

Just to confuse you even more, the vast majority of film-sourced BDs are actually encoded at 23.976Hz to retain compatibility with the NTSC standard (which is actually 59.94Hz, not 60Hz). My TV manual says it supports 23.976, 24, 50, 59.94 and 60. It has two 24p modes: 'Standard' utilises 5-5 pulldown at 120Hz, retaining the jerkiness of 24fps film content, while 'Smooth' uses MCFI to interpolate frames and remove the jerkiness, but it makes everything look like it was shot on video.
See this is where I'm getting confused I think - what's the difference between 24Hz and 24p?

The specs say at 1080p it can run at 24Hz - surely this is 24 frames a second - or have I got it all wrong?

I hear what you're saying about Sony etc, I was just hoping to keep the price down a little - but then again you pay peanuts...
I'm not too familiar with Philips LCDs, but I think that's one of the entry level sets. The thing you have to watch out for is whether it can actually display 24p content as a multiple of 24. Some sets just convert to 60Hz using pulldown, rather than using 48Hz/72Hz/120Hz etc.

Personally - and this is just me - I'd be more inclined to look at sets from Sony, Samsung and Toshiba because they have 24p support and/or decent MCFI.
Phillips 32PFL5604H/12
Hi chaps,

Was hoping someone could help me - I'm looking to get a half decent reasonably priced HDTV with 24 frame capability - and I'm getting a bit swamped in it all!

Can someone help - is this 24p suitable?...

In the specifications it says it runs...

1080p 24, 50, 60Hz
1080p 24, 25, 30Hz

Is this what I'm after?

Thanks for your help