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photobucket down

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What I had to do was reduce my image sizes - there are too many accounts and way too many passwords in this world Sad
Hehehe, yup. I've had to sign up for two accounts. When I use up the bandwidth on one, I switch my sig over to the other for the rest of the month.
Hey, I just got a email from Photobucket - "Your photobucket account has exceeded 1000 Megabytes of bandwidth this month. In order to keep free accounts available and highly reliable, we cannot offer unlimited bandwidth on free accounts.If your account exceeds 1500 Megabyes of bandwidth, direct linking will be disabled for the remainder
of the month."
I only use this account for DVDanswers so guys I gather your site is going gangbusters!
It's bound to happen with technology being so 'reliable' nowadays....

(Thanks Jonny)
Photobucket went dead 3 days or so ago. Your sig wasnt available either Nightmare, although its been back since then and hasnt gone down since. It's the first time since I've used it that its gone down. Cool
I have never found a problem with my provider (that i've noticed)
I use Imageshack and its working fine for me as usual.
Wow now thats embarassing, but thanks 4 tell me. It shows on my computer...does any one no whats wrong. Blast, perhaps the image is 2 big
Wow, the irony of Stefano's image not showing up is pretty brutal.
thats why i use imageshack
i figured that that service would have had a major problem like that sooner or later
photobucket down
Just a headsup for anyone using photobucket as an image provider for your sig (and there seems to be a lot of us) the service seems to be dead at the moment.

Your account is likely not over its bandwidth limit.