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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

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I liked it, although not as much as the first. I did like the red skies, Empire Strikes Back ending though
Saw this tonight and was decidedly underwhelmed... I know it's a two-parter, but it lost the 'feel' of the original. Saw a lot of it coming as well (I even guessed the bit at the end of the credits).
What about Clerks 2 vs Miami Vice, who will come out on top?
Nah... I choose no side, I was just making a comparison between the studios' 'big guns'.  Originaly, I was curious to see how the three all compared to each other, but X3 has begun to totally settle.  Blockbuster vs. Blockbuster, not Pirate vs. Hero.  It is just those are the two of interest to everyone at the moment.

I was pulling for SR, but after watching it, and speaking to others, it was just not for everyone.  Personally, I liked it.  I just can see why Pirates is going to plunder the box office treasure.
No, I'm not claiming to never compare films. But in nearly every single thread for superman this summer, I've seen people say "yeah, well Pirates is gonna kick the s**t outa Supes in the B.O." It's as if everyone has to choose a side between Supes and Pirates. (x3 and Supes, on the other hand, I can understand)
They are both excellent action movies.  But they're both also summer blockbusters, and is it so wrong to compare films with similiar seasonal-oriented financial goals?

You've never compared two films before, Jersey Jedi?
Why is it a Superman vs. Pirates contest on every single website? Why can't they just both be excelent action movies?
Not seen it yet, but it seems the Pirates sunk the man tights...
SR has had my money, and Pirates will have mine tonight.  Both DVDs will be bought.
very much enjoyed the film. a very good popcorn flick that I'm sure will clean up at the box office and if the dvd features are similar to the first film. it will clean up on retail also
I went to see this and superman on the same day. This film was all right, but I felt it dragged a little and the effects and the acting, save Depp of course, were all sub-par. I enjoyed superman a lot more just because it didn't seem to drag. That's just my opinion though.
I liked it a lot, but it always makes me feel a little "iffy" the fact that I just saw half of a movie and "At world's end will be the other half. Just like the two Matrix sequels.
Personally I don't believe that Jack will pay for his sins as you described it, there will be a confrontation between the three, but I suspect, this being a Disney film and all that the three of them will survive.
Why rightfully so? As for the T2 analogy, I prefer the first, so we'll have to wait and see. I'm going to see it on Wednesday.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Stunningly good, from acting to stunts/effects to score and overall, a very fun film.  I really liked how Spoiler trust between Jack Sparrow and Will/Elizabeth really began to crumble... which went to show that Jack Sparrow isn't some kind of Disney-plush toy character, but a pirate... an untrusting, immoral, selfish, and low-life pirate.  I hope the third film makes him pay for his sins in this one.

For me it's to the first one as Terminator 2 was to it's original, which is a bold statement.  Looks as though it's handing Superman Returns it's ass in box office winnings... and rightfully so. What did you guys think about it?