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Playstation 3 price and date

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Dang, that's just about $900 canadian. I'm sure that'll sell like hotcakes Tongue
UK will only be getting the full version it would appear:
We are being told a $650 AUD release price here in Australia....
ive already used my iPod on my 360, Sony wouldnt be breaking any ground there
Aftermath wrote: I'm assuming that the price of the ps3 will drop by launch because originally they put back the launch date due to blu-ray specifications being finalised

Nothing is going to "drop" in price. Those numbers I put in my first post ARE the prices come launch day. If we're lucky they may drop the price $50 by christmas of 07. Until then, be prepared to spend around $1000 on the system and one or two games.
i stand corrected, I keep forgetting that the plan is to cross promote the movie and the game, you are right about Halo 3's release date, but I'm assuming that the price of the ps3 will drop by launch because originally they put back the launch date due to blu-ray specifications being finalised and the fact that blu-ray was the most expensive part in the whole ps3, by christmas the price of blu-ray should drop in order to tempt some consumers to buy it for christmas and blu-ray drives should be comin out too for PCs
I believe halo 3 is dropping in christmas of 2007, not this year. Anyone who bought 360 for that has over a year to wait. I hope that PS3 drops in price by then. Then I may be able to buy one.
Actually Microsoft did say that not all the original xbox games were backward compatible, only the recent titles were, I remember reading, as far as I'm concerned the ps3 will wipe xbox 360 off the face of the is popular only for one game and thats Halo3 and I know quite a few people who bought the 360 just for that game, with the launch of Halo 3 during christmas this year, people will definately buy the 360...but the ps3 is gonna be something else, and I'm pretty sure that they will drop the price of the ps3 come launch time
I bought the Xbox 360 and have truly been unimpressed with it. It is just like Microsoft to say that their new machine is fully backwards compatible when it is not. Even with the first upgrade to the machine it is still pretty much worthless in terms of playing the older games. When Sony released their second console, the Playstation 2, and said that it was backwards compatible, IT WAS.
There's actually no need for me to upgrade from my XBox to XBox 360.  I don't see any real big difference for a reason to switch.  Just like Blu-Ray and HDDVD, I'll wait and see how it goes.  No need to rush with new technology... unless you have no problem spending the $ of course.
Here's how it's going to go down for me:

Xbox 360: Getting one this month.
Nintendo Wii: Will get one at launch.
Sony PS3: Will wait until MGS4 comes and see how the Blu-Ray turns out.
If they do that it will no doubt be an extra not produced by Sony, otherwise they'll be pretty much admitting that their walkman range is dead.
I am now hearing stronger rumors that Sony is indeed working with Apple on the PS3. Most of this work is based around support for iTunes and iPod on the PS3.

iPod connectivity - Ability to connect the iPod to the PS3 and play it's music through the PS3 to your stereo or other audio playback devices. Will also provide some graphical effects on your TV during playback

iTunes linkup - Access iTunes and your music through the PS3. Purchase and download additiona tracks through the PS3. Wirelessly play iTunes music from your PC/Mac through the PS3

Sync support - Use the PS3 to sync your iPod with iTunes, no need for a PC or Mac to sync and add/remove tracks and organize playlists.

Apple may also be helping Sony with some UI design for the PS3 dashboard interface.

No links, and for that I appologize, but I figured people would like to hear this information anyways.

If the rumors hold true, this would be mutually benefitical for Sony and Apple in a lot of ways.
Ive already placed my name on the list to be notified when I can actually pre-order the damn thing...imagine that...a pre-order to a pre-order
All I know is that I will be there with bells on. If both Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken 6 make the launch ill be insanely happy.
As long has they don't tkae forever to release Guns Of The Patriots.
Like I said above I can't afford either right now, but I don't see a point to the 60 gig version at all. Compact memory card slots? who cares. HDMI - no one has a TV that can support it and when they get one some 3rd party is going to release an AV Multi out to HDMI cable. WIFI? Get a wireless bridge if you really want it. Bigger HDD? use the 20 gig that comes with it. It's removable and if worst comes to worst you can probably use an add-on USB 2.0 drive.

One thing is for sure though, if the general consensus is like the lot in here, sony is going to be shocked by the dismal sales in November.
I don't play many video games that don't have Mario or Link in them. I'm waiting on the Wii, no matter how dumb its name is.
To much money, can't justify it at this time, either console... maybe at some later date.
They shot thiemselves in the foot by releasing two versions of the console.
That sounds a bit much for the more advanced version.
The 360 is great. I predict that the PS3 will go in the same direction as the 360 did, release about 3 or 4 to each store and won't send any shipments until after the holidays.
It's "Wii". Not that appealing, but I'm not going to base an opinion it on it's name alone. I'm not that big of a video gamer aside from a few PC games, but there are a couple of console titles I'm looking forward too.
the ps3 price will most likely drop way before then and I dont know about the know what they are calling it now instead of Revolution?...Wee. Yup the Nintendo Wee. Dont sound great and makes me wanna tinkle...the 360 is pretty awesome and yea Tom you are right, there isnt a truly next-generation game out on it yet, but it can only get better
I'm still trying to find a working 360 Wink Bought one the other week and it kept freezing up and scratching discs! Seemed quite an impressive bit of kit on the whole though, although I haven't come across any games that look particularly next-gen yet. Maybe I have higher standards cuzz I play a lot of PC games!
Same..Nintendo's is appealing to me the most, but I think I'm going to wait awhile before I go next-gen.
Geez, I'll stick with my PS2 for a few more years, lol.
Playstation 3 price and date

20 Gig Drive -

$499 US / $550 Canadian

60 Gig Drive -

$599 US / $659 Canadian

Apparently, the 20 gig version won't have HDMI, wifi support or the ability to read compact flash memory.

Still, with the newly reduced government GST tax, in Ontario this sucker will run over $630 for the cheapest version - WITHOUT a game. I'm gonna have to think long and search hard to determine whether or not I can afford this one. I may just wait until next year.

Something tells me Sony has just shot themselves in the foot by pricing the console so high.