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POTC2 - Dead Mans Chest Region 4 DVD DTS!!

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I thought Ratner was the Devil. It's so hard to keep up to date with who devil is the Devil.

Just to confirm then. This weeks guest 'El Diablo' is Gore Verbinski.
Mark Kermode refers to him as the Devil. Funny how opinions differ.
The scandinavian release have DTS as well, and DVDs often do have DTS here, so there's no big surprise.

I would like to add that i've watched all of the extras now and I can't even begin to describe how impressed I am with this DVD. The extras are among the best i've ever seen. Really, really in-depth and totally awsome! Gore Verbinski is now my idol after having learned of all the troubles he went through with this production. And what a film it turned out to be! One of the years best IMO.
We in Holland also get DTS, but in French only! Disney screwed up again, because this is one of many DVD's with French DTS only in Holland.
I was always told a great editor's work is seen but never heard? Wink

But I could be wrong Shocked
Oo er why is there a massive gap after my post? The page has gone all mental like...
My God, are my posts invisible or something?
YAY! The UK release has DTS oooo baby!
We win for once! Happy
No preview of the third one though. I was definately expecting that, even though it wasn't in the specs! Ah well...
I was going to go for the R1, but the Aussie R4 from ezydvd was the 2 disc and also came in the nice looking tin case - whereas the R1 didn't and the fact it had DTS well that was it.

Danny, yeah its been a while but I do remember you!
The UK R2 has DTS, but the R1 doesn't. We listed the specs ages ago...
That doesn't necessarily mean that Region 1 will get DTS! Although I hope so, cause I'll be getting it in a few weeks. I'm going to skip the Australian release because I prefer the best, that Hollywood has to offer - Region 1.
Hello Spider .....
Long time no see .. Do you remember me ? Probably not I was shrinkwrapper on the old DVD Debate forums...
It good to have another spidey fan around the place ..
and fangirls! Woo!
DTS fanboys rejoice! Wink
POTC2 - Dead Mans Chest Region 4 DVD DTS!!
I just thought people would like to know the Region 4 POTC2 came out today and I can confirm it has a DTS soundtrack!!