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PS3 BD Picture

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Some Toshiba sets can accept 24Hz input, but they convert to 60Hz which looks c**p. Only the Z series onwards (which is the one I have) can handle 24Hz without it looking c**p. Glad it worked anyway.
To be honest I haven't checked to settings since I stuck it altogether last year. The PS3 is outputting 1080p though. As for frame rate, not so sure. I'll have to check.

The effect isn't something I noticed during the first few months of having the kit. I only noticed it for the first time with Blade Runner. The ceiling fans in Holden's office at the start. I then looked at other discs and they all show (with the types of shots mentioned) the same effect. Generally it's not an issue and no one else can see it but it's one of those things that once you're aware of it, it niggles.

Thanks for the feedback anyway. I'll have a fiddle.

Then I'll check the PS3 settings. Tee Hee.

Chris you were bang on. I've turned the 24fps off and the lag effect has greatly reduced to be virtually imperceptable. My Toshiba doesn't look like it handles 24pfs completely. Yes the playback won't be 24fps but I can live with it.

Again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Sounds like a framerate mismatch. I've had something similar a few times when my TV has failed to sync with the 24Hz output of my player. Depends on whether your TV can accept 24Hz though I guess (and if the PS3 is set to that).
Nothing on mine. BDs looks great. I'd mess around with the video settings menu, and just try different options. Also, make sure that your TV/PS3 are set at the same resolution.
Mmm. Anyone else besides Nic?
GTAIV hasn't come out of my player except for the 21hrs 45min and 2 seconds that MGS4 took up..Blu-Rays on a good one Wink
PS3 BD Picture
I have for some time noticed on BD played on my PS3 an effect like smearing. You can see it most clearly when there is a bright uninform background, sky for instance, and if something/someone passes through the frame there's sort of a ghost image that lags behind. Kind of like the effect of a low refresh rate. DVD's are fine it seems to be just BD's.

Has anyone experienced this effect on a PS3 or any other BD players?