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Pushing Daisies - ITV are taking the.....!!

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Pushing Daisies has been repeated on a random ITV channel more than once since, does anyone know if they ever showed the other episode?

And will ABC ever show the last 3 episodes?
I'd have nothing against football if it wasn't forced down my throat at the expense of everything else.

Like M@tt said "football takes priority over everything eLse thats shown on T.V."

That's what I feckin' hate!
Football isn't a game of life and death, it's more important than that.

Here we have grown men/women talking about owning fictional hoverboards, hmmmmmmm Happy

But of course I want Marty's one. It saved Doc Brown and Clara from getting squashed.
Got nothing against footy either, used to be a West Ham fan myself, just can't understand how serious alot of grown men treat it. As for the hoverboards i'll stick with Marty's.
Wow, there's so much football hatin goin on in here, I'd think I was in any American sports bar. For my part, I got nothing against soccer/football/futbol/bumblef**king.
I'll go for the pink one too.

Hey, I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to get away with it!

Anyone wanting the Pitbull is just overcompensating for something.
Would you rather have the pink one Marty had or Griff's pitbull?

Pink for me!
I know i'll smash my face, brake an arm crack my nuts and fly over some poor basterds bonnet but i still want a hoverboard.

Brings back memories of a dodgy BMX bike i used to have
All that energy wasted...We're only 7 years away from hoverboards!
Chris Gould wrote: It does in our our s**tty football-obsessed culture.

I feckin' hate football!!!

Anyone ever thought that if all the brain power that was being used storing completely pointless football statistics were put to proper use then we might be living in that world where cars flew and robots did all the housework?!?!!
Phft, and they complain when we download stuff.
It does in our our s**tty football-obsessed culture.
You do know that football takes priority over everything eLse thats shown on T.V. right?
Pushing Daisies - ITV are taking the.....!!
I've just read that ITV only have 8 slots to fit Pushing Daisies into before Euro 08 starts.

As there are 9 episodes they've simply decided to miss out the second episode completely and jump from episodes 1 to 3 instead stating that "the second episode will be shown eventually when the series is repeated in the future."

Wankers!!! I'm boycotting the whole series on ITV and will just buy it on DVD when it comes out instead.