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No problem, if you need more done, lemme know.
it is me who should be sorry for taking your time do that....

i got them all....Happy

Once again BIG THANKS....i'l mention your help in my review Happy

take care
Oh good. I'm glad. Yeah sorry, takes a while to attach, will all be sent hopefully within the hour. I hope the pics were well chosen. Happy

Sorry to cause panic, it looked bleak there for a minute Tongue

And again, sorry it took so damned long.
works just fine..i got the DAF set..waitin for more..great job Cheddar..thanks a lot
I'll do my best, because that's what I can't do... Let me know if this works (sending them now)
as I sayed...pack all the screens from one movie to one zip file (do't have to be commpresed..just in one file)..and then mail this one fail to me...and the same with all other.
Damn! I'm sorry man. I feel terrible, making you wait and then not being able to send. Please accept my sincere apologies. If there's another way, lemme now basically. I'm really sorry.
i do not kno wman....if you can't pack let's say 10 screens into one zip file and than mail it..than I can't find other way..maybe some free upload server ???
Yeah that's what I meant unfortunately (packing). It seems I can only send one at a time, I'll do that in a few hours, I'll try to find a way, but if not, it's the only way. Sorry, I didn't forsee this happening. I hope this is still ok. I know the files will be big, but bright side: less to go wrong no? Sorry again.
pack them in rar or zip archivas...and then mail them to ...Happy
Original footage being put in. I've heard that there are scenes (small small ones) cut here and there. Probably not true, but if they came out THEN I'd buy them (maybe).

By Friday for certain. Happy

Right so they're all done, (DAF, TMWTGG, TWINE, TLD and GE). I've tried compressing them but it doesn't seem to work, it won't let me. I'll keep trying but I doubt it'll do it. Sorry, it seems like it's none of the terms you lay down, what with the Player being "outdated" and now this. Tongue Any alternative(s) you'd prefer? Sorry, I hope it'll still work out though. Which e-mail do I send them to?
what do you mean "Restored" ????..They are Restored
No. Honestly, despite the new picture and audio and slightly new extras (only ones I'm jealous of are the commentaries by "007" ), I don't think it's worth it. I put a lot of energy into getting them all first time around, I'm fine. If they were "Unrated" or "Restored" versions, I'd consider it, but the ones I have are fine for me. It's kinda nice not being able to see EVERY wrinkle on Roger Moore's face in AVTAK Tongue. But yeah, no. No upgrades for me.
cool...btw. are you goin to up-grade to the new Ultimate-Eiditons ??
I don't mind doing that one as well. It'll be a bit easier having just rewatched it the other day. Happy
sure man...i appreciate your help a problem with the rush Happy
btw, I have "The Living Daylights" now..if it would be easyer with this title. Happy
I'll have them all done within a week. I apologise for the wait, I just have a lot of other stuff to do.

DAF is done, it's the other 2, very little time.
yes..that are the editions i'm talking about..and  as I sayed before..i need screencaps from 3 titles I mentioned....if you have 5 it's ok..althoughthere is newer version..but prob..just use "Thetrical" setting for video. Happy
Just so we're clear, these are the 2002/2003 "Special 007 Editions" yes? R1, I trust it's not an issue. I have PowerDVD 5, hope that suits your needs.
if you have the old Bond DVD's Cheddar...sure I can I sayed use PowerDVD pleas (the newest version if possible)...then pack them using rar or zip and mail them to me Happy...and if you can capture more than 10 shots of each it would be great Happy
How does one get them to you? I'd gladly do it for you, but it may take a few days, is that a problem?
Q for a favour :)
Hey all...i have a big q for a favour to anyone who owns the old James Bond DVD's....since I have the new Ultimate Editions, and want to write a review of them on my site..and ofcourse compare the new restored transfer to the old here is my question- could anyone who owns the older versions capture some screens for me ???? the specific titles I want are "Diamonds are forever"; "The man with the golden gun" and "The world is not enough". If possible, the screen should be captured using PowerDVD with the video settings set to "theatrical".
As for whichc moments to up to would be nice to have at least 10 from each title.

Is it possible ?