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R1 vs R2 image quality....

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Not much problem. My pleasure is heaped to have been done this for you. Have a pleasant rest of the day and go enjoy your resolutions whichever way you fancy both horizontally and in the vertical.Happy

This could catch on.
thanks "Intergalactice Ponce " for both to acclaim me and call a day " My Day " . 22nd of september works now !
I think we should all be talking/posting like hossein. You know, for a day or something. A sort of tribute to him.

I now declare Friday 22nd September Hossein Day. Hazzaar.
thanks if you didnt joking ! cool anyway !
The speaking another language one...
cool Chris ! which "ONE" you mean ?
Hey, I don't speak another language so you're ahead of me on that one Wink
really , it looks my mistake , maybe because of my Weak English
Thank you Chrise for this note !
I have a feeling something could be getting lost in translation here. The vertical resolution is the number if horizontal lines from the top to bottom of the screen, so it is the lower of the two.

It's confusing I know, but basically vertical lines are horizontal resolution and horizontal lines are vertical resolution, so it's correct to say that PAL and NTSC have a vertical resolution of 576 and 480 respectively. Basically PAL DVD is 720x576 and NTSC is 720x480.
vertical line are from up to down . is it true ?
then if vertic lines be lower than horiz lines , your screen then is not 4:3 or 16:9 and any another standard format . if you look to your monitor now you will found Vertical lines are more than horiz lines !
by the way , beware of Widescreen format . or when you see a movie via PowerDVD look informations .
is this all true ?

720 * 578 or 640 * 480
I'm not sure what you're saying. In the above post you say that they have a vertical resolution of 720. Can't you point me to any page on the web where this is stated? Everything I've ever read has said that the vertical res for PAL DVD is 576 and NTSC is 480.
Chris , there is two line series , Vertic and horiz , but often it is the bigger number that is in use !( but both true )
PAL is 576 and NTSC is 480... I started writing an article on the whole thing ages ago, but never got around to finishing it. Would have explained 2-3 pulldown as well.
by getting allow ...
as a Theory , PAL has a better Resoulation ( 720 ver ) but NTSC has lower ( 640 - 702 Ver ). but PAL has 25 frame per second agianst NTSC that has 30 frame per second . according to this for a normal Eye , PAL prepare a better Image . but beware !
in DVDs it deponds on Source and Decoder system and there is no Global Rule to which one is better !
Thanks alot people.
It's not as cut and dry as one being better than the other. Technically PAL is superior (at least for video) but it depends on a lot of other things as well. There's no point replacing your discs as I really doubt you'll see any significant improvement on a like-for-like basis.
Technically speaking PAL DVD's should be better than NTSC discs but I have to say that in a lot of cases NTSC discs just look better. Maybe it's because the US DVD transfer/encoding houses have more experience than the UK one's, I don't know. They have been doing the job slightly longer than the UK one's.

I'm speaking mainly of DVD's back when I starting collecting (both regions) in 1999 and early 2000. I'm sure the quality gape has closed in the interveening years but the NTSC DVD's just looked 'smoother' with less overly saturated colours.
I remember years ago, I was watching Channel 4 and one of the Dawson's Creek actors was being interviewed. She pointed out how the casts' voices sounded higher pitched when the show was broadcast in the UK, as if the characters' voices hadn't broke. I guess the side effect of this conversion could actually make teen dramas more believable.
I can't give you the science bit - but yes there is a difference in picture quality. PAL appears better than NTSC (I think to do with it having more "lines" in it).

Be wary though, with improved picture quality comes sound speed up, this is due to less frames per second - a lot of people don't notice it, but my sensitive ears do. I have seasons 1 & 2 of Smallville on region 2, and when I got season 3 on region 1, crikey - everybody's voices were lower!!!
R1 vs R2 image quality....
Hi there,
does anyone know if there any difference in the number of scanlines or image quality when comparing Region 1 dvd's against Region 2?
I have a few R1's and am wondering wether it would be worth replacing with the equivelent R2 for the image quality.