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Rate the Alien series.

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My Stepmother is an Alien - 10/10.

Purely for that Kim Basinger scene at the end of Dan Aykroyd's bed. Don't come all innocent. You all know the one I mean.
Alien - 10/10
Aliens - 10/10
Alien 3 (Extended Edition) - 7/10
Alien: Resurrection - 5/10
The only pure reason I like the Alien franchise is it trilling chilling entertainment in sound!

Alien original first edition R2 DVD six-track Dolby stereo gets 10/10

Aliens original theatrical version that is part of the Alien quad box six-track Dolby stereo gets 10/10

Alien3 part of quad box set or first edition R2 DVD six-track Dolby stereo gets 10/10

Alien Resurrection part of quad box set or first edition R2 DVD Dolby digital gets 7/10    

LOL interesting seeing how each and everyone of us has fairly rated each Alien film.
ALIEN 3-8/10
alien 8/10
aliens 9/10
alien3 4/10
alienres 2/10
I haven't watched them in a while so I hesitate to give a numerical rating.  However I'd rank them as follows:

1. Alien
2. Alien 3 (extended edition)
3. Aliens
4. Alien Resurrection

Once upon a time I would have ranked Aliens at the top (it was the first R-rated movie I saw in a theater).  However the last time I watched it, I found that my appreciation for it had lessened considerably.

I never cared for Alien Resurrection; just could not sympathize with the "heroes" in that one.

I have not seen the AvP films.
Alien 9/10
Aliens 8/10
Alien 3 7/10
Alien Resurrection 5/10
alien 7/10
aliens 9/10
alien 3 8/10
alien resurrection 6/10
Alien 7/10
Aliens 8/10
Alien 3 10/10
Alien Resurrection 5/10
Alien 9/10
Alien (Dir. Cut) 9/10. Liked extra character work but could do without the cocoon sequence.
Aliens 9/10
Aliens (Spec. Ed.) 9.5/10
Alien 3 6.5/10
Alien 3 (Extd. Ed.) 7.5/10
Alien Resurrection 3/10
Alien Resurrection (Sp/Extd. Ed.) 4/10. Purely for the alternative opening/title sequence.

Predator 9/10
Predator 2 6/10

AvP (1st 20mins) 7/10. Remainder 4/10.
AvP:Requiem (Not seen)
Alien: 10/10
Aliens: 9/10
Alien 3: 7/10
Alien Ressurection: 6/10

Predator: 9/10
Predator 2: 6/10

Species: 9/10
Species 2: 7/10
Species 3: 8/10
Species 4: 6/10

Alien 8/10
Aliens 6/10
Alien3 7/10
Alien Ressurection 3/10

I actually really like Alien3. I think it owes a lot to Alien, but it's better than just rehashing the same story.
Well now you got me curious Llama, why your hatred of Aliens? I don't think I have ever heard of anyone enjoying Alien 3 over Aliens. I must hear your reasoning behind this!

My ratings:
Alien: 10/10
Aliens: 10/10 (I prefer Alien slightly, both are perfect)
Alien 3: 4/10
Alien Ressurection: 1/10 (nearly unwatchable)
Alien 10/10 (it is the original after all),
Aliens 9/10 (a great sequel which is rare),
Alien 3 2/10 (killing of the characters from the second one)
Alien Ressurection 1/10 (for being so daft i mean ripley now has sex with the aliens am i right? or was i watching something else? she's half alien herself and for making bad CGI aliens which are not scary).
Rate the Alien series.
What? A stupid excuse to show off my hatred of James Cameron's "Aliens?" How dare you accuse me of such things.

Alien: 9/10
Aliens: 4.5/10
Alien 3: 7/10
Alien Ressurection: 5/10