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recomendations required please.

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I have that already I haven't watched it yet though!!!
Not particularly obscure but one of my personal faves is 'Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia' A great low down and dirty 70's action/exploitation flick. One of Peckinpah's best.
Thanks everyone,

Macon COunty Line sounds like the type of film I'm after.  

Cotton Come To Harlem, and Coffy were on Sky Movies so I've Sky +d them, I like blaxploitation flicks but it puts me off when they portray white folks as idiots.

Thanks for the link for Xploited Cinema I've seen some films that look real cool.

Also I'll look in to the Linda Blair prison movies.
"the big bird cage" and any Linda Blair flick in prison
and three and four are c**p Wink
Lethal Weapon 1,2,3,4.  1,2 are from the 80's.
Give me an example of these so-called "sick horror films".

Otherwise, if you've got the guts for it, I'd look into Japanese 'pinky-violence' and samurai flicks. I've been on a speghetti western kick lately, and some good ones were Four of the Apocalypse, Run man Run, and Django Kill.

I've been getting some good s**t from Xploited for reviewing recently.
Check out my reviews of Soldier Blue, Johnny Hamlet, Class of 1984, Bird with the Crystal Plumage(I'd look into Italian Giallo flicks if I were you),and Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs, in fact, pretty much just read all my recent reviews. Wink

Super Fly, The Mack, Across 110th Street, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, Cotton Come To Harlem, and Coffy, and if you're looking for some blaxploitation horror go for Blacula and its sequel, all good fun. MGM actually has a line of discs known as "Soul Cinema" here in region one, you might want to try looking up some of those titles.
"Macon COunty Line" comes to mind
recomendations required please.
I love 70s and early 80s films and I have nearly all the popular ones out on DVD.

What I'm after is some good exploitation/Redneck movies, I'm not after the sick horror films, but action films say like Shaft, Cockfighter, Django, Penitentiary, Walking Tall, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, those types of films.

So can anyone recommend me some good exploitation flicks?