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Recommend some war films...

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The Great Raid comes into mind as a less well-known war flick.
Being Australian I have to mention a couple of great Aussie war films.

Odd Angry Shot
Breaker Morant
saving private ryan, where eagles dare, Kelly's heroes, Das Boot, ice cold in alex, the dam busters etc. there are a lot of great ones.
saving private ryan is a great WWII moviie tht is long but goes by quickly. its my prsonal favorite. also like others black hawk down, full metal jacket, and band of brothers. also if it is included in this category the last castle. its about a guy who is in a prison for soldiers ( criminals not POWs) its a good movie but not a whole lot of action
Full Metal Jacket, Taegukgi and Bullet in the Head. Can't be arsed with descriptions, that's what IMDb is for.
Some recent titles I've picked up and enjoyed thoroughly are The Great Escape and Patton.

I second the Band of Brothers suggestion.
I love Platoon, Tigerland - and the Band of Brothers mini series is most excellent
I just watched "The Hook" with Kirk Douglas.  A very good study on man's situation during war.  Set during the Korean War, three officers are ordered to kill their prisoner of war.  Very interesting.
Some of the classics like
"Das Boot" "The Bridge on the RIver Kwai" "Guns of Navaron" "Torra! Torra! Torra!"

From the new ones:
"Black Hawk Down" "Band of Brothers"

Kevin Costner's The War.

Cos it's about one family's war with other familys and on another level, one man's struggle to come to terms with THE War. And it's called The War.

Is this the sort of thing you were after?

Oh. And Predator. It's about this group of elite soldiers and they're havinh this mini war with an alien. Well actually it's more of a skirmish in the woods really. They do some really good forest clearence with some pimped out gun as well.

And Platoon is okay.
Recommend some war films...
Post the titles of war films that you would recommend here, and give reasons why you think they are good. There's so many to choose from, and I find the less well known are sometimes the best. I'll add my own recommendations to the thread at a later date.