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I own both and I can't wait
I'm probably the only one who is more stoked for "Dracula". I've been waiting for that one for a long time.
I have "Apocalypse Now: Redux" on DVD, can't you just skip through the added scenes? What I mean is, everyone seems to want the original version on anamorphic DVD (please excuse my ignorance in the case that "Redux" is not anamorphic either, I assumed since it says "Enhanced for 16:9 TVs") when they could hit that happy >>| button. Although I do understand the want/need for extras.
I hope we get to see footage that has never been seen.  
Well, I guess that would be about a million Simpsons episodes anyway. Eek and Animaniacs will do. They were actually pretty clever.

"This is the middle, the middle of the story, the middle..."
I doubt they can get rights to yesterday's Simpsons so quickly.  Very Happy
I'd be nice if they included the Heart of Darkness documentary, and the episodes of Eek the Cat, Animaniacs, and The Simpsons that lampooned Apocalypse Now.
Well, wouldn't you know it, after I but both copies of Apocalypse Now, they come out with a complete version.  Oh well.
Ahhh.....  Much better explanation.  We get guys that come along day in and day out to put over their own websites and we end up having to get rid of that.  If it's just a Halloween site, we keep it there, but message boards are against the rules since before I took over.
Aaron Schneiderman wrote: Is there a reason why other sources are not revealed on DVDActive?
That is the only website we censor. The reason goes back some years and will hopefully never be stated since I don't want to mess up their reputation.

Franchise: My guess would be for the same reason that we don't allow other Halloween message boards to advertise at my board.  It's competition.
We aren't that bothered by competition, we even allow members to link to other DVD websites who have rules against linking back to us! Sometimes we will edit/delete comments/posts if it looks like a member is exclusively promoting another website though.

Basically we don't run the website to the same commercial level as many of our competitors, so as long as we make enough to keep the hosting people happy and can cover various extras then I don't mind these sorts of things.
Oh thank God that that is actually happening. Apocalypse Now has never gotten the treatment it deserves on DVD. Any release window?
My guess would be for the same reason that we don't allow other Halloween message boards to advertise at my board.  It's competition.
Yes, why is that? Is there bad blood or something?
It's probably only the "site" you got it from, you know, with the word ***** in it Wink
Is there a reason why other sources are not revealed on DVDActive?
According to ********, DVD producer, Kim Aubry has revealed to "Home Media Retailing" magazine that Zoetrope Aubry Productions have been working on a multi-disc Special Edition of Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now:The Complete Dossier," that will include both the original and "Redux" cuts of the film and a bunch of new documentaries. It seems that finally, a Special Edition of "Bram Stoker's Dracula" is in production as well but few details have been revealed so far. Very cool stuff!




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