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regarding Hellraiser

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AB doesn't hold the rights in the U.S. to Hellraiser III, so you're never going to see a boxset of all three movies like the one available in the UK where AB does hold the rights to all three films. The only way anyone in R1 is going to get a set like this is if they order it from a site that will ship the R2 set to the U.S., such as Amazon UK, or from one of the many U.S. retailers that cater to import titles, such as, and that assumes of course that whoever orders it has a region-free player in the first place, which aren't as commonly found in most homes here as in other countries.
demiscy wrote: How do you know?

Anchor Bay doesn't own the rights to distribute Hellraiser III in Region 1.  See Matt's excellent writeup on the Hellraiser III news article.
How do you know?
demiscy wrote: From Anchor Bay in Region 2! - should come in R1 soon me thinks
The Hellraiser 1, 2 and 3 are already released in widescreen, 5.1 DD Surround and DTS ... together with a bonus DVD full of extras packaged in a digipack AND in a box like the movie's.

From Anchor Bay in Region 2! - should come in R1 soon me thinks
I'm not sure what you are talking about fullscreen movies.  Part 2 is available in widescreen.  They are re-releasing Part 3 in widescreen.  I'm pretty sure once Part 3 is released, all of the Hellraisers will be available in widescreen.

I would doubt that there will be a big box set of the movies because I believe different companies control the movies.  Part 1 & Part 2 were released by Anchor Bay.  Paramount is releasing the new widescreen version of Part 3.  Dimension seems to hold the direct to video rights of all the later parts.  (Dimension, I think is part of Disney.)  So, one company owuld have to get license rights from the other two companies.
All the movies are fairly easy to find if you look in the proper area at Best Buy.  They're listed there under horror at times and at others as sci-fi movies like Alien.  Yes, they may be c**ppy fullscreen movies, but you still get a good representation since it's not like the original Halloween in that it doesn't utilize the whole wide frame.
regarding Hellraiser
is it unfair to ask/say that there might be more re releases on the way for the old movies

the first one is an easy find (the next two are also if you ebay for c**ppy fullscreen bootlegs...atleast I think they are bootlegs >.< )then two I have seen as a 2 pack at Best Buy but not online then the release of three...that leads to Bloodlines which is easy to find if you dig for it a little.  past that they are progressivly easy to find but here is the big question

is there a chance for a BIG boxed set (regardless of who owns the rights...the chucky collection is a joke to boxed sets IMO because there is no point in owning a boxed set if it dosent have a chapter or more importantly the first of the series)

i read that paramount is changing who runs things so if they saw the "cult market" which some would argue isnt there to begin with they would buy all the films and put them in a single boxed set where the package would be the pandoras box or even a pin head bust (like the alien box or I Robot)...or maybe both

im rambleing so I think I should go