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Region A Blu Ray Player

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Nic Mall wrote: And find me something on season 11 of the SimpsonsOi!
Throw your email into amazon @ #2 and you'll know when they know...
I've got a UK PS3, but I wasn't overly bothered about the whole blu-ray region coding. I bought it for games. Having a BD player is just an awesome and money saving extra!

I'm not totally converted to BD yet anyhoo. So if something is region locked I'll either wait or just get it on DVD.
Also, the PS3 appears to be the only "Blu-Ray player" capable of  being upgraded from profile to profile through the ethernet port. So if you want a fast up to date player, the PS3 is the best alternative.

What am i doing? As a former HD DVD supporter i'm plugging the PS3? Guess i am...

Nic, is your PS3 region A or B? What would you  guys recommend that i get, A or B? I live in Sweden, but i mainly buy BDs from  the US, but that might be because most BDs released in Sweden are B coded. Wink
Ive not got a PS3, Never had one, Dont even want one, That is why i got the Panasonic BMP.BD30, USA issue , so i can play my Region 1 DVD s, and Region ,A blu ray disc,
Before anyone wonders, I have a Sony, S500 UK issue , For my European DVDS and Blu Ray disc, Hope i have cleared that up, whew
You don't know that by now? Dude come onnnnnn!
And find me something on season 11 of the Simpsons and the original X-Men series dvds!!
My mistake, Nic had no idea what she was talking about Tongue
I hadn't thought about the US ps3, but yer he could have done that too.
I think Nic was suggesting that you could have bought a US PS3.
Mate, it's a false believe that Standalon PQ are far better than PS3.

PQ Wise is pretty much identical between BD30 and PS3 (I own a HK 80GB PS3 as well as tested BD30 already). Audio wise, BD30 has the edge because it can Bitstream both TrueHD and DTS-MA, while PS3 does Internal Decoding, even that many would argue that the differences are fractionalise

For Region Coding, you can check here:, most disc are Region Free though except mainly Fox and Disney BD that are Region Coded

But if you really want a standalone, why not wait for the BD50, it's out like soon?
have i lost the plot
A PS3 on sale in this country, UK, Will not play Region A Blu Ray Disc, Some USA disc will play , But it depends on the studio release,
Also the Panasonic BDP BD30 Blu Ray player will give a far better Pic and sound than the PS3,
Or have i missed the plot?
Maybe he didn't want one?
Well done.
Should we tell him about the PS3?
Region A Blu Ray Player
Just got hold of the new Panasonic BDP BD30 Region A blu ray player from a DVD shop in Hertsfordshire for £ 399, This saved me the hassle of importing from USA,
I can now play region A blu ray + region 1 DVD , Brill