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Releases For December

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I got to see Narnia and Syriana yesterday,
Narnia was enjoyable and accurate to it's source material,
if a bit childish at times,
while I thought Syriana was excellent,
as long as you don't go in expecting a fast paced thriller.
Mark Lim wrote: Lord Of War has now been postponed till February, 2006, so I'll be one of the first in Australia to see it, and on your Region 1 DVD! Yay!

I hadn't really expected much out of this movie, but it turned out to be a well done movie.  Maybe Nic will start doing better movies now.  How long has it been since that Oscar. . . ?
Lord Of War has now been postponed till February, 2006, so I'll be one of the first in Australia to see it, and on your Region 1 DVD! Yay!
It looked pretty good. I'll see it on DVD.
Bob "the film man" wrote:
I would also like to see Aeon Flux, but I have my doubts that I get to.

Aeon Flux was much better than I expected.  For awhile, while watching, I believed that they were going to leave a lot of things open ended, but they pretty much wrapped up things nicely.  I haven't seen the cartoons since they originally aired, so I can't say how true they stayed to the originals.
Movies I will be seeing at the theater:

King Kong
The Chronicals of Narnia

I would also like to see Aeon Flux, but I have my doubts that I get to.
Must sees for me:

King Kong (I really can't wait for this one)
Memoirs of a Geisha
Match Point
Chronicles of Narnia
Brokeback Mountain
Rumor Has It
The Producers

I'll probably see these as well:
The Family Stone
Fun with Richard and Jane
Wolf Creek

There will probably be a lot of limited releases that we don't get until January.

Cinema must see's:


DVD's must see's:

I'm sick of dealing with idiots in movie theaters. I'm probably only going to mke it out to see Munich and King Kong, I'll wait for DVD on everything else.
Must Sees:
Match Point
The Matador
King Kong
Chronicles Of Narnia

Fun With D**k and Jane
Memoirs of a Geisha

40 Year Old Virgin
Sin City DC
Cinema: Chronicles of Narnia
        Harry Potter 4 (for Aussies it premieres next week)
        Legend of Zorro (Another late premiere 26th Dec.)
        Fun with D**k and Jane (26th Dec.)

To wait till DVD: Just Like Heaven (opens in Australian cinemas
                  26th December) R1 DVD - January
                  Lord Of War (cinema - 22nd Dec) DVD - January

R1 DVD releases for December: 40 Year Old Virgin
                              Must Love Dogs

You Americans are so lucky! For me, it is an interesting change to watch R1 DVD's that come out within weeks of Australian Cinema releases!! OR even before. Eg. Tom Hanks' "The Weather Man" is scheduled for DVD in late January for you guys, but for us Aussies, we will get a late cinema release in Late February 06!!

Theatrical: King Kong
Chronicles of Narnia
Maybe Geisha too.

DVDs: Sin City DC
Fantastic 4
40 Year Old Virgin
King Kong, Syriana, definatly

Maybe Geisha

As far as DVDs, Clone Wars 2, Sin City Directors Cut, and Aqua Teen vol 4
I've got nothing that catched my interest. Sad ALthough I do want to see Munich.
Must see: King Kong
Least See: Fun with D**k and Jane
Lol, I love it when the word filter astericks out movie titles!
-Munich (If it makes it in time)
-The New World (If it makes it in time)

-Memoirs of a Geisha
-Fun with D**k and Jane
-The Matador
-Match Point

With the GF:
-The Family Stone
-Rumor Has It
Releases For December
So what are ya waiting for in december.....King Kong? Narnia? Geisha?
And what good dvds? Fantastic 4? 40 Year old Virgin? Serenity? Cinderella Man? Even a little Dukes of Hazzard!(J/k)