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Releases for November

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I just saw The Ice Harvest.
I liked it,
but I bet alot of people won't,
since it's extremely dark,
both in terms of humor and tone.
I had a double feature of The Goblet Of Fire and Jarhead yesterday.
Both were great but I slightly prefered Jarhead.
No, Tony, I too CANNOT wait to see it. I was going to see it yesterday (Friday, opening night) with my friend, but he had Honor Band or something so now I'm stuck seeing it on Tuesday night.  Oh well, at least I get to see it. If you do see it though, lemme know your thoughts! Very Happy
FERNANDO GARZA wrote: is it really that long?Umm... yeah
is it really that long?
Am I the only one who is looking forward to seeing Harry Potter this weekend... I'd like to see what made the cut from the 736 page book.
I saw Walk The Line this morning.
It was great.
I look forward to Jarhead, GOF, The Ice Harvest, Pride and Prejudice, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang soon.
I thought this thread was for what dvd releases are you looking forward to this month November.

I'm getting "Stealth" this week, along with "War of The Worlds" SE, hopefully followed by "The Sound of Music" new remastered 5.1 and widescreen, "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalow", and I can't remember the rest....

Weatherman turned out to be pretty good.
I look forward to seeing Jarhead soon.
Jarhead was amazing. Thats gonna be hard to top come award time.
Also, I saw Jarhead and the sneak preview of Zathura. Jarhead was pretty good, and I was mixed on Zathura. It could have been better, but it really wasn't all that bad.
Hmm, I don't live too far from one of those theatres (a two-hour drive), so I might as well go check it out, but I probably won't, after seeing it in 2-D.
I just saw Shopgirl.
It actually turned out to be a pretty good film,
very entertaining and very well acted by most of the cast,
Martin being the weak point although he's still pretty good,
but he isn't as good compared to the performances by the 2 other leads(the awesome Jason Schwartzman and Claire Danes).
It rates an 8/10 from me.
I look forward to Jarhead next.
I have about 5 about 20 minutes from me.
thanks for the list, 3 within driving distance
I can't beleive Yuma, AZ has a 3D theater, that place is a pit. The only reason to live there is if you're in the military or you car broke down on the way to CA.
I don't understand this list as several of the theaters listed are in 2-D!  I live in a small town and we actually have two theaters showing it in 3D (and one in DLP).
Quote: Originally posted by rob murray
Is there a listing for 3d theatres?
Yeah. Here it is (found it in a forum website).

Hoover: Rave Patton Creek 15 (3-D)

Peoria: Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18 (3-D)
Tempe: Harkins Arizona Mills 24 (3-D)
Yuma: Main St. (2-D)

Daly City: Century 20 Daly City (3-D)
Dublin: Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 (3-D)
Glendale: Mann Glendale Exchange 10 (3-D)
Glendale: Mann Glendale Marketplace 4 (2-D)
Irvine: Regal Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 (3-D)
Long Beach: Regal Edwards Long Beach Towne Center Stadium 26 (3-D)
Los Angeles (Hollywood): Walt Disney El Capitan (3-D)
Los Angeles (Universal City): Loews Cineplex Universal Studios CityWalk (3-D)
Los Angeles (Van Nuys): Mann Plant 16 (3-D)
Los Angeles (Westchester): National Amusements The Bridge: Cinema de Lux (3-D)
Riverbank: Galaxy Riverbank 12 (2-D)
San Francisco: Loews Cineplex Metreon (3-D)
San Jose: Century 20 Oakridge (3-D)
Thousand Oaks: Mann Janss Marketplace 9 (3-D)

Lakewood: Regal Colorado Mills Stadium 16 (3-D)

Manchester: National Amusements Showcase Cinemas Buckland Hills (3-D)

Washington: Loews Cineplex Georgetown 14 (3-D)

Boca Raton: Muvico Palace 20 (3-D)
Davie: Muvico Paradise 24 (3-D)
Daytona Beach: R/C Ocean Walk Movies 10 (2-D)
Lake Buena Vista: AMC Pleasure Island 24 (3-D)
Melbourne: Premiere Oaks 10 (3-D)
Melbourne: Rave Avenue 16 (3-D)
Orlando: Regal Waterford Stadium 20 (3-D)
St. Petersburg: Muvico Baywalk 20 (3-D)
Sunrise: Regal Sawgrass Stadium 23 (3-D)
Tampa: Muvico Starlight 20 (3-D)
West Melbourne: CinemaWorld 16 (2-D)

Buford: Regal Mall of Georgia Stadium 20 (3-D)

Meridian: Hallett Majestic (3-D)

Elk Grove Village: Classic Elk Grove (2-D)
Lincolnshire: Regal Lincolnshire Stadium 20 (3-D)
Oak Park: Classic Lake (3-D)
Schaumburg: Loews Cineplex Streets of Woodfield (3-D)
Skokie: Crown Village Crossing 18 (3-D)

Evansville: Kerasotes Stadium 16 (3-D)
Fort Wayne: Rave Jefferson Pointe 18 (3-D)
Indianapolis: Kerasotes ShowPlace 16 (3-D)
Plainfield: Rave Metropolis 18 (3-D)
Schererville: Kerasotes ShowPlace 12 (3-D)

Davenport: National Amusements Showcase Cinemas 53 (3-D)

Leawood: AMC Town Center 20 (3-D)

Louisville: National Amusements Showcase Cinemas Stonybrook (3-D)

Annapolis: Crown Annapolis Mall 11 (3-D)
Hanover: Muvico Egyptian 24 (3-D)

Boston: Loews Cineplex Boston Common (3-D)
Randolph: National Amusements Showcase Cinemas Randolph (3-D)
Revere: National Amusements Showcase Cinemas Revere (3-D)

Auburn Hills: Loews Cineplex Star Great Lakes Crossing (3-D)
Brighton: MJR Brighton Towne Square Cinema 20 (3-D)
Gaines Township: Loeks Celebration! Cinema South (3-D)
Novi: Emagine Novi 18 (2-D)
Southgate: MJR Southgate Cinema 20 (3-D)
Sterling Heights: MJR Marketplace Cinema 20 (3-D)
Waterford: MJR Waterford Cinema 16 (3-D)

Coon Rapids: Kerasotes ShowPlace 16 (3-D)

Lee's Summit: Dickinson Eastglen 16 (3-D)

Las Vegas: Regal Colonnade Stadium 14 (3-D)

Elizabeth: Loews Cineplex Jersey Gardens 20 (3-D)

Gates: Cinemark Tinseltown USA (2-D)
Holtsville: National Amusements Island 16: Cinema de Lux (3-D)
New Rochelle: Regal New Roc City 18 (3-D)
New York (Brooklyn): ADM Pavilion (3-D)
New York (Manhattan): Loews Cineplex 84th Street (3-D)
New York (Manhattan): Loews Cineplex Kips Bay (2-D)
New York (Manhattan): Regal UA Union Square Stadium 14 (3-D)
Westbury: Loews Cineplex Roosevelt Raceway 10 (3-D)
White Plains: National Amusements City Center 15: Cinema de Lux (3-D)

Columbus: Rave Polaris 18 (3-D)
Springdale: National Amusements Springdale 18: Cinema de Lux (3-D)
West Chester: Rave West Chester 18 (3-D)

Tigard: Regal Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 (3-D)

Hanover: R/C Hanover Movies 16 (2-D)
King of Prussia: Regal UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 (3-D)

Greenville: Greenville Camelot (2-D)

Chattanooga: Rave East Ridge 18 (3-D)
Knoxville: Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 (3-D)
Memphis: Malco Paradiso (3-D)

Austin: Galaxy Highland 10 (2-D)
Austin: Regal Gateway Stadium 16 (3-D)
Big Spring: Ritz (2-D)
Hickory Creek: Rave Hickory Creek 16 (3-D)
Houston: AMC Willowbrook 24 (3-D)
Hurst: Rave North East Mall 18 (3-D)
San Antonio: Santikos Silverado 16 (3-D)

Sandy: Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons (3-D)

Merrifield: National Amusements Lee Highway Multiplex (3-D)
Sterling: Regal Countryside Stadium 20 (3-D)

Bellevue: Hallett Galleria 11 (3-D)
Monroe: Galaxy 12 (2-D)
Sunnyside: Hallett Grand Cinemas Yakima Valley (3-D)
Vancouver: Cinetopia (3-D)

CANADA (Nov. 4, 2005)

Mississauga: Cineplex Galaxy SilverCity Mississauga (3-D)
Vaughan: Cineplex Galaxy Colossus Woodbridge (3-D)


FRANCE (Dec. 7, 2005)
Paris: Europalaces Gaumont Marignan (3-D)

GERMANY (Jan. 26, 2006)
Dusseldorf: UCI Kinowelt Dusseldorf (3-D)

ITALY (Dec. 2, 2005)
Elpidio: Giometti Elpidio (3-D)
Fano: Giometti Fano (3-D)
Milan: Arcadia (3-D)
Silea: Gruppo Furlan CineCity Silea (3-D)

JAPAN (Dec 17, 2005)
Chiba: Kogyo Keisei Roza (3-D)
Gunma: Tokyu 109 Cinemas Takasaki (3-D)
Osaka: Toho Navio (3-D)
Tokyo: Toho Nichigeki (3-D)

MEXICO (Nov. 4, 2005)
Mexico City: Cinemex Mundo 'E' (3-D)
Mexico City: Ramirez Cinepolis Plaza Universidad (3-D)
Monterrey: MM Humberto Lobos (3-D)

UNITED KINGDOM (Feb. 10, 2006)
Bath: Odeon Kingsmead Leisure Centre (3-D)
London: Odeon Leicester Square (3-D)
Manchester: UCI The Filmworks (3-D)
Is there a listing for 3d theatres?
How many people have a theater that is showing Chicken Little in 3D?  One of our local theaters is showing it, but they are actually charging $1.50 for the 3D showings.
I'm looking forward to Jarhead, Rent, Harry Potter, Walk the Line, and that's about it. I'll probably see others (Chicken Little, Get Rich or Die Tryin'Wink, but those are really all that provide a whole lot of interest to me.
definatly Jarhead, maybe Ice Harvest
Personally, I can't wait for Walk the Line which looks pretty incredible.  I'll probably see most of the other releases as well.
Quote: Originally posted by Jonathan Bennett
what are you guys looking forward to seeing this month.
For me, Shopgirl, Jarhead, The Squid and The Whale, Zathura(it's been getting great reviews), Derailed, maybe Walk The Line, The Goblet Of Fire obviously, The Ice Harvest and that's about it for me this month.
Everything but Shopgirl. I also want to see (comment me if I'm wrong) Chicken Little, Your's Mines and Ours (I know, shame on me), Rent (big fan of Broadway), and Get Rich or Die Tryin.
Releases for November
what are you guys looking forward to seeing this month?
For me, Shopgirl, Jarhead, The Squid and The Whale, Zathura(it's been getting great reviews), Derailed, maybe Walk The Line, The Goblet Of Fire obviously, The Ice Harvest and that's about it for me this month.