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Repackaged FOX DVD's; Troy Dir. Cut news

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4th April 2007 16:12  #1

Mark Lim Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Australia Posts: 1,211
Repackaged FOX DVD's; Troy Dir. Cut news
Another FYI, Fox is releasing some recent and classic movies in new packaging. Read here...
Fox/MGM Repackagings

20th Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment will be re-releasing a number of titles with new Lenticular motion packaging. Due on June 5th are:

The Abyss,
Alien vs. Predator,
I Robot,
Independence Day and
Predator, with Robocop and The Terminator following on June 12th.

Also being re-released, only this time in Steelbook packaging, are

Fight Club,
Man on Fire,
The Omen (1976) and
X2: X-Men United on June 5th, with Hannibal following on June 12th. All titles will have identical bonus materials to those already available, this only a package change. Retail is $14.98 for the Lenticulars and $22.98 for the Steelbooks.

According to www.dvdaficionado.com, the following titles are coming as well in the Steelbook....

Cast Away - Special Edition (Steelbook) - DTS (2000);
Day After Tomorrow, The (Steelbook) - DTS (2004);
Die Hard (Steelbook) - DTS (1988)
+ Extended Branching Version (Integrated Deleted 'Power Shutdown' Sequence)
Platoon (Steelbook) - DTS (1986)

Also coming soon....NO DATE SET...

Troy: Director's Cut
First it was Ridley Scott with "Kingdom of Heaven," then Oliver Stone with "Alexander" and now it's Wolfgang Peterson's turn to re-jigger a big budget epic. According to Daily Variety, Warner Home Video has shelled out more than $1 million for a new Troy: Director's Cut. The director spent three months working on the new version, adding more sex and violence - and a half hour - to a movie some already considered long at 162 minutes. 
The director states that time constraints and ratings pressures took their toll on the original theatrical version. "This is more the film I wanted it to be," Petersen said. "It's very violent, but that's Homer and 'The Iliad.'" The new cut, which screened at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival in February, will see a limited theatrical run in Germany beginning on April 19th and is expected to be released on home video later in the year (possibly September).
Petersen plans to record an audio commentary and produce new bonus features for the DVD. Regardless, the director hopes that the new extended cut will be seen as the definitive version of the film, much like his 1997 director's cut of "Das Boot."

4th April 2007 18:38  #2

Squeek81 Member Join Date: September 2006 Location: United States Posts: 150
Will the Robocop DVD include the uncut new edition from the recent boxset or the old edition? It hasnt been released seprately and i thats a title i really need.

5th April 2007 1:26  #3

Mark Lim Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Australia Posts: 1,211
You'll have to wait for official news, where they pretty much tell you all the specs and stuff, right?

5th April 2007 1:42  #4

BoBoi Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: Australia Posts: 1,109 Send a message via MSN to BoBoi Send a message via Yahoo to BoBoi
Just got the Platoon Steelbook from Germany with 4 others Steelbooks. But the lenticular cover sounds interesting, I'd get the 5th copy of I,Robot in my collection then.

Day After and Die Hard Steelbooks are available from Amazon.de anyway.

5th April 2007 14:54  #5

Mark Lim Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Australia Posts: 1,211
I really like "The Aviator" steelbook from Amazon.de


I like this one too - Black Hawk Down 3 Disc set - Bulletproof Collection. Hilarious!

Stargate: Director's Cut

So many Steelbooks!!
Even "The Sound of Music: is in Steelbook.
Check out the titles available here...

5th April 2007 15:13  #6

BankytheHack Member Join Date: July 2006 Location: United States Posts: 22
Any word on whether or not "The Abyss" will FINALLY be getting an Anamorphic transfer?

5th April 2007 16:40  #7

6th April 2007 2:49  #8

BoBoi Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: Australia Posts: 1,109 Send a message via MSN to BoBoi Send a message via Yahoo to BoBoi
haha they sure know how to get money from the collector huh?

Well I'd say half of the steelbooks are decent but the other half might as well get from Germany. On the other hand, the lenticular cover looks the most promising, yuck! it's time to pull out the card again....booo

26th June 2007 15:49  #9

stanton heck Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: United States Posts: 1,098
I like the covers but will this make customers buy their favorite movie again? Gee Now I know how Anchor Bay (Starz whatever they call themselves now) will do Next Year when they do a 30th Anniversay edition of Halloween

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