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Forums - Discs & Movies - "Replies notification" possible? 


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Nic Mall wrote: Do the adverts on the side have to be so big?
Ad networks need them to be that size to keep up with increasing screen resolutions.
I saw Speed Racer by myself, in an empty theater on a Sunday afternoon (which is an incredibly rare occurrence in Bergen County) because everyone I knew didn't want to see it. Well f**k me sideways if it didn't turn out to be my favorite movie I've seen this year. The way this movie was critically and commercially slammed is such a tragedy. I found it to be a fantastic action flick, with a great message, empathetic yet simple characters (same can be said about the performances) and just a fantastic family film. Sure, it's REALLY silly at times and the run-time is VERY long for a "kids" movie, but the silliness is never out of place or pandering to the audience, and I didn't once even think about how long the movie was when I was viewing it.

It IS over the top, but it's a wholly original vision that happens to be a perfect translation of the comic and cartoon to "live-action" form. So I'd say, even if you're hesitant, just give it a shot and you might be surprised.

As for the replies notification... that'd be a definite improvement. I can't remember the number of times someone replied to one of my comments on the main page and I didn't see it until a few days later. By that time, what's the point of even responding? That's like talking about how you just saw "Heat" the other day, and you want to talk about it with you friends.
Do the adverts on the side have to be so big?
I was never a fan of the Speed Racer cartoon (a bit before my time), but this new movie looks gaudy and just over the top corny...
Is it not c**p then? Looked it?
Yes, but I watched Speed Racer today which has wiped every memory from the last 24 and a bit years from my brain!
That and made real life look very...dull.
Did you not read the news piece with screen shots a while ago? I dunno...
ANOTHER redesign?! Please don't do what the DVDReview magazine did and cock it up. Happy
A more modern design is being built at the moment. I'm thinking about various options in respect to the forum.
No, the site redesign should come first.
No no, the option to switch the order of posts should come first!
I second the notion - a great feature to have
Please Mal....please
That would probably be about 101 on Mal's list, and I don't think he's started on 1 yet Wink Maybe he'll comment on his plans.
"Replies notification" possible?
Just wondering if its possible to create an option for the forum that gives us email notifications on when someone replies to a post we've made.  It's an option used on a lot of the messageboards I'm a poster on, usually called 'Subscribe to Topic'.  Just wondering if the admins could add that as a feature?