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love rocky 4 for what it is.  comic book fun with a rocking soundtrack.  
must admit the soundtrack to rocky IV is pretty damned cool.
Nic Mall wrote: Saw it last night, really enjoyed it. Not as good as I or II but definetly makes up for III and IV
"I must break you"

You make it sound like Rocky IV isn't one of the best films ever made.  Must have mis-interpreted your post there...
Saw it last night, really enjoyed it. Not as good as I or II but definetly makes up for III and IV
"I must break you"
Just caught this yesterday before it disappears from cinemas.  I thought it was great, a really good book-end to the series with references to previous movies, kind of like the movie version of a greatest hits album.
Yes- MAGNIFICENT is the word.

Stallone took all the elements of the franchise and threw a big twist into the whole thing and that one twist nobody would have ever expected really ADDED to the whole film in ways never thought possible.

(I wont spoil the film but someone in the cast is missing)

Even if you decide to see it at the dollar theater its well worth the time to see it on the big screen. Stallone is such and underrated writer AND director which is too bad that he has decided to retire. (after Rambo 4)

But he DOES plan to keep directing (probably strongly influenced by Eastwood)and thats good because he is good.
I saw this today and loved it. It's a great character driven end to the Rocky saga.I loved the training montage but I wish there were more training scenes and I loved the final fight, it was really exciting. I'm glad that the first half of the movie focused more on the characters.
it was really good!
Just got back. Thought it was magnificent.
Sylvester can be quite talented if he extends himself, and doesn't do things like "Driven"...
Loved it also. The montage was possibly the best montage since the first one.
Saw it... loved it.
I have none of the Rockys on DVD, and can't wait to add the enevitable 1-6 boxset to my shelf.
It was great. Sylvester Stallone does a great job directing and the acting is fantastic, as well as the boxing scenes, particularly loved the training montage.
Same here. I heard it was the best one since the original...
Rocky Balboa
Going to see this Tuesday, pretty excited. Anybody here have any words of wisdom about it?