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Rocky Bolboa - R1 vs R2 running times

Forums - Discs & Movies - Rocky Bolboa - R1 vs R2 running times 


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sometimes the running times get screwed up with sequels because in the case rocky there is 6 of them.  Someone from Region 2 might get the running time of Rocky Balboa confused with the original Rocky.
Haha <fonz> AAaaaaaaayyyy </fonz>
Not sure how I made that mistake given the angle your previous sig image was taken from Wink
That'll learn him.
My apologies, I was tired. Consider my wrist slapped.
Chris Gould wrote: Nah, that's Nick.
Nic. I am not a boy. I'm a LAYYYYDEEEEEE
I was surprised how good  "Rocky Balboa" was.
Nah, that's Nick.
The BBFC Rock!
The BBFC says the run time is 102 mins so must be CD-Wow cock up
Rocky Balboa, Rocky Balboa, have ye any cuts? Rocky Balboa contains... no cuts.
According to the BBFC the movie has been passed with no cuts (granted that's the cinema release) but even the deleted scenes and alternate ending only add up 24min.
..and apparently the R1 has NO cuts..
Faster slower, What-EVER! *clicks fingers diva style*
PAL is 'faster' than NTSC, but if it's CD-Wow my money is on a cock-up as their specs are always wrong.
Rocky Bolboa - R1 vs R2 running times
YO! Adrian!!!

I've just beenon CDWOW and apprently the running time for Rocky VI is 102 min for the Region 1 and 138 min for the Region 2 (rule Britannia!) I know NTSC has a faster running time or something whatever. But 36min is a bit of a jump. So does anyone know what the difference is or if it's just a cockup?
Granted I haven't looked anywhere else, I can't be arsed. I'm too tired.